Monday, 6 February 2012

Taking Some Time Off - Officially.

Recently, I have been a really bad blogger and I'm sorry it's continuing. I don't really have much to talk about at the minute or any post ideas so I'm stuck and I feel really bad not blogging for ages, then doing a quick one, not blogging for a while... you get my drift. I'm hoping that taking a hiatus will help me get back in the blogging swing - but it could take a few more weeks/ a month. I'm not so sure - shame I can't predict the future eh? Then I'll definitely have something to post about! If anything exciting does happen, I'll let you know!

I'm going to try and keep up date with everyone's blogs but I haven't been doing such a good job of that recently either - oops, sorry! And, sorry for the future too if I don't log in. Hope you're all doing well! When the spring/ summer comes - it'll be warmer and I'll be doing more things outdoors = more blog posts - yippee :) See you's soon and don't give up on me just yet :P