Monday, 6 February 2012

Taking Some Time Off - Officially.

Recently, I have been a really bad blogger and I'm sorry it's continuing. I don't really have much to talk about at the minute or any post ideas so I'm stuck and I feel really bad not blogging for ages, then doing a quick one, not blogging for a while... you get my drift. I'm hoping that taking a hiatus will help me get back in the blogging swing - but it could take a few more weeks/ a month. I'm not so sure - shame I can't predict the future eh? Then I'll definitely have something to post about! If anything exciting does happen, I'll let you know!

I'm going to try and keep up date with everyone's blogs but I haven't been doing such a good job of that recently either - oops, sorry! And, sorry for the future too if I don't log in. Hope you're all doing well! When the spring/ summer comes - it'll be warmer and I'll be doing more things outdoors = more blog posts - yippee :) See you's soon and don't give up on me just yet :P

Friday, 27 January 2012

It's Been A While - I Know

I have had no time for blogging recently and if I had I wouldn't have known what to write. I've got news from this month which will hopefully fill up a good post for you all. On the 17th of Jan I had my theory test and I'm pleased to tell you I passed!! I really thought I was going to fail the first part but I didn't so I've only got my actual driving to concentrate on now - which I'm not brilliant at the minute haha. But practise makes perfect - right?! Well I'll never be perfect but you get my drift.

On Wednesday, me and my friend went to see War Horse - seriously everyone should see this film; horse lovers or not. And I'm probably more the latter. We cried happy tears, sad tears and many more sad tears. It was excellent! And, there's a soldier from South Shields in it, which adds some humour - we probably found it funnier because we're from Newcastle too. Anyone seen it? let me know.

It's all cinema, cinema, cinema at the minute. Tomorrow I have another driving lesson and then I'm off to meet some friends in town and going to the pictures to see 'Like Crazy' It looks really sweet and it's been a while since I've seen a rom/ rom-com film at the cinema.

In other news in my life at the moment - I'm doing the V Award, which will hopefully help with my personal statement when it comes to applying to uni later this year - I seriously can't believe I'm going to be doing that, It's mad! Anyway, it's a recognised volunteering award by the Government. You can either do 50 or 100 hours of volunteering either through their v inspired activities or through your own volunteering. My only problem is fitting it all in. But regardless of that little problem, I've applied to volunteer at two local charity shops and I've heard back from one so hopefully I'll be able to do a few hours a week and try and build it up to 50 hours over time. Fingers crossed :)

This will also help with retail experience as I can't get a job at the minute because all retail jobs want retail experience. It's a pain this will be the only way to do it but at least I'll be killing a few birds with one stone.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

One Song = Flooding Memories

You hear a song that might not be your favourite and you haven't listened to it for a while and then BOOM! this one song, lasting three/ four minutes brings back so many memories. This one song brings back so many good memories of one particular day last May. I've spoken about going to Radio 1's Big Weekend on 15th May 2011 but not about this song.

So the song, you're all probably wondering? Katy B - Katy B On A Mission

To be quite honest, out of the songs she has released so far this is not my first or second favourite but it brings back loads of memories from that particular day. Katy B was actually performing but we missed her because we were either watching Two Door Cinema Club or Noah and the Whale - I can't remember which one but it doesn't really matter because it's irrelevant to my point.

Whilst we were there and waiting for acts to start, there was music on to get us in the mood and Katy B On A Mission was replayed so many times - and  I mean loads! We were there for about 10 hours as well. From not liking the song that much and not really knowing any of the words, me and my friend nearly knew all of the words as we sang along after the 50th or something time it was played. Major exaggeration but ya'know what I mean.

It brings back waiting for the acts, singing along, the muddy fields and our wellies, the minging porta-loos, having chips that blew away, sore feet and breaking backs (there were no places to sit and the fields were far too muddy) and having a brilliant time. Seeing so many acts, being with my best friend was so good and something I hope to never forget.

I think it's amazing that one song can bring back so many memories. Are there any songs that bring back good or bad memories for you?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

You can forget about 2011 after my post :)

This is my review of 2011 being done in 2012. Wow, can't believe a year can pass so quickly. I don't have many of my own pictures 'cos I'm on my mam's laptop as mine is so slow it drives me mad!


January the most depressing month ever! I can't remember much happening in this month apart from GCSE exams and lots of snow! The snow was so bad we got a week off school which was all good :)


Nothing happened in this month as far as I can remember as per...


This month was the beginning of better weather and spring. I love when spring comes around because seeing flowers and the blossoms on my tree make me smile. About half way through the month, me and friends went and seen X Factor in concert. It was surprisingly really good which I wasn't expecting at all. I suppose as long as you know the songs and there is a good atmosphere you can have a MINT time!


I went to Paris for the second time but this time with my parents, and 2/3 of my brothers. We went for about 5/6 days and the weather was so hot! The days consisted of The Eiffel Tower, Boat ride along the river, having a mooch around the city, and disneyland for two days. It was a really fun time and it was great to get away :)
Oh and the Royal Wedding - I loved how all the British got together and the whole thing was really lovely.


My dog Jess turned 3 this month :) Me and my friend Sarah went to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Carlisle. It was my first festival and didn't involve staying in a muddy, minging tent for a couple of days -yey! It was so muddy though but we had our faithful wellies to get us through. We seen Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, Polarsets, My Chemical Romance, The Script, Noah and the Whale and Masters in France. Our backs and feet were killing by the end of it though because there were no seats and it was too clarty to sit on the grass. My final GCSE exams also started this month.


June brought the end of school for me, which I could not wait for! I was hardly in school this month as we only had to go in for exams and revision classes which was great and gave us much more time to revise! Of course very helpful :) My exams finished and then it was prom on the 30th. Time to wear a long dress and heels - which came off about 11pm haha. I had such a great time, it was lovely seeing everyone for the last proper time and all dressed up too.


I was finished school and my ten weeks off before starting sixth form was happening. I don't think I did much this month except have loads of lie ins, laze about, watch loadsa tele and films, read and walk the dog. However there was of course the very sad farewell to Harry Potter. Ten years over like that! Seriously still can't believe that it's ended - I watched the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 just a few days ago too.


The weather was a let down this month as it wasn't that hot up north. There were the odd hot days but the weather was better in June and JUly. I went down to Devon and Cornwall for over a week, with my family - the same lot who I went to Paris with but also my dog - and we met up and staying with my mam's friends, baby and two dogs. It was my first time camping ever and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, the weather down south was really good! I got my GCSE results which I had been working on for 2/3 years. I had a couple of remarks in this month so my final grades were 2 A*'s, 7 A's, 2 B's and 1 C. I was so pleased :)


I finally started sixth form and began my work for my A-levels. I met some new friends, and started new subjects. It was great to not have to wear an uniform anymore, have more freedom and have free periods. Whoever says school is the best time of your life - it's not. I much prefer sixth form - the days might be longer and more work but it's really good.


Nothing major happened in October either. The weather was freezing - gale winds, icy air and rain - :(


Time to get festive!


I turned 17 and of course it was Christmas and New Year. I was really disappointed that there was no snow for xmas day but never mind - the weather is never what you want! And, I had my first driving lesson - bring it on I say :)

I've probably missed a few things out but never mind. Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope this one's a good one anyway. We've got the Olympics which will probably never be off the news. I live like 7/8 hours drive from London but anyhow it should be good - even though I only like watching the diving.

2012 Resolutions:

-Lose weight for Greece in July
-Pass driving test
-Get a job
-Do good and revise loads for AS exams in June

.... and I'll be 18 in 12 months time. Oh My God!