Friday, 27 January 2012

It's Been A While - I Know

I have had no time for blogging recently and if I had I wouldn't have known what to write. I've got news from this month which will hopefully fill up a good post for you all. On the 17th of Jan I had my theory test and I'm pleased to tell you I passed!! I really thought I was going to fail the first part but I didn't so I've only got my actual driving to concentrate on now - which I'm not brilliant at the minute haha. But practise makes perfect - right?! Well I'll never be perfect but you get my drift.

On Wednesday, me and my friend went to see War Horse - seriously everyone should see this film; horse lovers or not. And I'm probably more the latter. We cried happy tears, sad tears and many more sad tears. It was excellent! And, there's a soldier from South Shields in it, which adds some humour - we probably found it funnier because we're from Newcastle too. Anyone seen it? let me know.

It's all cinema, cinema, cinema at the minute. Tomorrow I have another driving lesson and then I'm off to meet some friends in town and going to the pictures to see 'Like Crazy' It looks really sweet and it's been a while since I've seen a rom/ rom-com film at the cinema.

In other news in my life at the moment - I'm doing the V Award, which will hopefully help with my personal statement when it comes to applying to uni later this year - I seriously can't believe I'm going to be doing that, It's mad! Anyway, it's a recognised volunteering award by the Government. You can either do 50 or 100 hours of volunteering either through their v inspired activities or through your own volunteering. My only problem is fitting it all in. But regardless of that little problem, I've applied to volunteer at two local charity shops and I've heard back from one so hopefully I'll be able to do a few hours a week and try and build it up to 50 hours over time. Fingers crossed :)

This will also help with retail experience as I can't get a job at the minute because all retail jobs want retail experience. It's a pain this will be the only way to do it but at least I'll be killing a few birds with one stone.


  1. I had to do 50 hours of volunteering for this academic diploma thing, and it really helps you out more than you would believe! I really think my volunteering was what helped me get a job and get into the university of my choice. :)

  2. Anna, ah good I hope it works for me too :)


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