Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year Everyone (:

Happy New Year!
To everyone tonight and to those who have already celebrated it!

Wow!! a whole year has passed, I can't believe it will actually be 2011 tomorrow it has went so quickly. I thought I would do a little summary of what has happened in my life this year - nothing that significant, i've had my ups and downs but overall a good year :)

I was going to do a summary for each month but I can't even remember what happened in some of the months. Here's some of the things I've done this year:

* Started this blog in May - thanks for following everyone (:

* Done the Race for Life in May

* Seen Rihanna in Concert in May - she was amazing

* Went to Halkidiki in Greece in June

* Seen Leona Lewis in Concert in June - her voice is stunning

* Went to Windsor & Chesington in August for a few days

 (Part of Windsor Castle)
* Been to Bamburgh, Berwick & Seahouses plenty of times

(Bamburgh beach + castle)

* Had my Sixteenth Birthday!

* Went to London with the school in December

* Been to the cinema plenty of times & walked my gorgeous dog loads (:

- Overall had a pretty good year!

In the North East we started the year in snow and ended it in snow!
Let's hope we get a better summer this year though...

Hope you have had a great year too and a wonderful 2011!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Time to Smile - #86-90

Title: Time to Smile #86-90
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three!
Hope you enjoy :)
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86. cupcakes

87. online browsing

88. new perfume = smelling nice

89. looking back and smiling at things I've done

90. making a fool of myself on 'Just Dance' with my brothers

Little Bit of Everything!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts recently. It was just because I was so busy with Christmas time - the day itself, the family 'party' at a member of my family's house, a good old shop at the sales on Monday and trying to get some of my work done yesterday and today. Although today hasn't went so successfully as I had the time to catch up on the finale of Ugly Betty which I recorded last wednesday and I took the dog out and well had a very long lie in.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and that they got everything they wanted from Santa hehe. I got what I wanted - maybe that's because when people asked I just told them so there were no suprises :( but no presents that I didn't want :) - except for a straightners mat off my Grandma who thought I didn't have one for my ghds. These are the straightners which have been on my floor for years - with their mat haha. Oh well, at least I've now got a spare one. What did you get? Any surprises you didn't like?

I thought I had plenty of books to read from my birthday and from Christmas - around nine/ten until I was texting my friend - a fellow book lover - and found she got 28! for Christmas. Wooo that would keep me reading for years even though I'm quite a quick reader.

Well as I said earlier I went shopping on Wednesday with my mam and twin brothers but because my six year old brothers came with us - I decided I would have to go to a few of the shops myself if I wanted to find anything. So I did. I got a friend's birthday present and card - in fact the friend who recieved 28 books for Christmas! - a new bag, some more powder, some new bracelets (which I'm kinda in love with) from Dorothy Perkins which were half price at £7.50. But although I love them I don't think I would have bought them if they were £15! I also bought two new magazines which I had never read before as I wanted a change from the normal celebrity gossip magazine I normally buy which is Heat. Don't get me wrong I love Heat but there is only so much celeb gossip you can take in one magazine when half of it isn't even true! The magazines I did buy were Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I've finished reading Cosmo this morning and I can't decide which one I prefer. Lets just say they both have their fair share of advertisments - eeshh -  but I'm actually going to get some makeup I seen on an advertisement in Cosmo and Glamour.
I think I might stick with Cosmo for a bit because I think it has more in it although it's more expensive than Glamour. Oh well, we'll see....

And... guess what I need to go back as I want to buy some new make-up and have a look at some new clothes. But I'm guessing that will have to wait for a while. I also want to go see Love & Other Drugs at the pictures with the brilliant Anne Hathaway and shall we say gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal in. It looks so romantic and a little teary - my cup of tea :)
Anyone seen it? If so let me know what it is like?

Are you up to much in the next few days? I think I might as lots of revision is calling my name and I'm back to school on the 4th January with eight upcoming exams :(  Now I'm off to rescue my cocker spaniel from my brother's remote control Stig car hahaa - she's scared but then keeps trying to go near it when he moves it.

Bye for now :) x

P.S. Thanks to my new followers for following and my old ones for still following and hopefully reading my posts! :)

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'll be really busy tomorrow because obviously it's Christmas! Ee I can't believe how fast this has came around. It's so cute to see my six year old twin brothers so excited for 'Santa' coming tonight. So tomorrow it will be opening presents, Christmas dinner and family time haha.

Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow! ...And a great Christmas Eve tonight! :)

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Time to Smile - #81-85

Title: Time to Smile #81-85 - Xmas Special
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three!
Hope you enjoy :)
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As it is only three days till Christmas - yes three days! Can you believe it? My Time to Smile's will all be Christmasy and getting into the festive spirit.
81. ripping the paper off your presents
82. pulling christmas crackers with the family

83.   seeing all the houses with Christmas lights on (which really gets you into the festive spirit)

84. listening to Christmas songs

85. snow on Christmas day

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Hey, everyone it's my brithday today and I am finally SIXTEEN. Yeyyy :)
I love it when there is snow on the ground for my birthday, I'm sure last year it actually was snowing. Never mind.....

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday dear meeeee,
Happy Birthday to me :D

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Past Few Days...

Hello again everybody :) As some of you might know if you read my last two posts I went to London on Wednesday and got back yesterday. I thought I'd give you a little insight into what we did while I was down there. On this trip with the school we didn't visit the most noticeable sites in London properly - the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament - because we were so busy doing history things! However I wasn't too bothered as I have seen them before on different trips to London.

Wednesday 15th December 2010

We got the train from Newcastle to London at 7.20 am and arrived in London around 11am - midday. After we checked into the hostel we got a couple of tubes and a bus to the Apollo Theatre where we saw Wicked. It was really good and the main character's voices were amazing. It truly was Wicked! After tea we went to Covent Gardens and lets just say me and two friends had a very funny night - including hiding in the boys bedroom when the teacher knocked on the door! hahaa

Thursday 17th December 2010

After getting up at 7am and leaving the hostel around 9am we travelled on the tubes and the buses and went to the Imperial War Museum. It was really interesting and as me and my friend Sarah went around the massive Holocaust Expedition we had to try and stop ourselves from crying. From models of Auschwitz, to images of people from the camps, their stories to piles of shoes found after the allies went into Germany. It truly was a great experience. Afterwards we visited the War Cabinet Rooms from WW2 where Churchill and Generals stayed. It was amazing to think we walking along the corridors that Churchill had!! It was really really interesting.

Later on the night time we went on a Ghost Walk. It wasn't scary but it was pretty interesting. With one ghost named something very funny hahaa.

Friday 18th December 2010

After breakfast we travelled to Kings Cross and stayed there until our train arrived. We arrived back in Newcastle at 2.45pm - right on time!


At 7/8pm I went to the cinema and for an 'early birthday' meal with my mam, dad and two of my brothers. I have eventually seen the third Narnia - the voyage of the dawn treader! Yey! I was not surprisingly knackered when I got home and was in bed by 10.20pm.
I have to say it was much better than the 2nd film but in my eyes nothing can beat the first film: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. - That one is just so Christmasy and makes you feel warm inside!

Hope everyone has a had a great week because I sure have :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Time to Smile - #76-80

Title: Time to Smile #76-80
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three!
Hope you enjoy :)
(You can find the others in the tab above)

As I said in my post yesterday, this is tomorrows Time to Smile post as I am going to London tomorrow. Hope you enjoy :)

76. singing along to the radio

77. reading a good magazine

78. old fashioned fairytales

79. saving up money

80. dirty dancing

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Monday, Monday

It's monday from another week of the school year - but oh no it's not is it! Because
 a) it's the last week of term before we break up for xmas
b) i'm off to London on Wednesday until Friday
c) it's exactly one week until my birthday - yey :)
d) most of my year are doing work experience this week but because I've already done mine and I'm only going to be in school for two days, we're not doing much in lessons because half of us are not even there! So it's a little bit of revison (Science!) and watching films :)

So like I said I'm off to London soon and I'm pretty excited because I get to go away for a bit which will be a nice change. However there is snow forecasted for the end of the week up here so if it is like anything that happened a couple of weeks ago, it will absolutely bedlam trying to get home on the train! Fingers crossed it should be okay :)

As I won't be here on Wednesday - for my normal Time to Smile posts I debated whether or not to just leave it until next week or post it tomorrow instead. I've decided to just post it tomorrow :) that way you I won't feel as if I have neglected my routine posts! hehe.

Well I'll update tomorrow along with my post, have a lovely Monday and a lovely week!

Mr. Bublé

You just have to love this guy. Not just an amazing singer but from watching This is Michael Bublé the other night a really nice man too.

Ah. He's just so suave haha. Anyone else a fan too?

Friday, 10 December 2010

Girl Power...

I love the show 'Gossip Girl' which airs over here on a Wednesday at 8pm. I love the friendship between Blair and Serena - this is what you call best friends and this is what you call true girl power....

Made from the best

 Fun in Paris - yes please (:

A shoulder to cry on

... at their best

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Hey everyone as you have probably noticed I ahve changed the background and header of my blog. I think my blog needed a little re-vamp so this is it!
It isn't totally finished yet as the 'About Me' Page is not finished yet but will be completed soon. But the other at the top of the blog do work and I will be adding more soon. Hope you like it :)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Time to Smile - #71-75

Title: Time to Smile #71-75
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three!
Hope you enjoy :)
(You can find the others in the sidebar)

71. looking up at the stars and thinking

72. love stories

73. funny people! (Alan Carr...)

74. quotes you can relate too

75. waking up after a good night's sleep. yawnnnn