Saturday, 30 April 2011

Paris: Part 3

After I went on the Eiffel Tower, I went on a boat trip on the River Seine which lasted an hour and a half. It was so hot for the first half as we were on the side of the sun shining down on us until the boat turned around. The boat trip began at the Eiffel Tower then stopped at these places: Musee d'Orsay, St-Germain-des-Pres, Notre Dame, Jardin des Plantes, Hotel de Ville, Louvre and finally Champs-Elysees before returning back to the Eiffel Tower and starting its journey all over again. I really wanted to get off in Notre Dame as you could get off at each stop and then get back on the boat when it next came around but unfortunately we had to get back to the car so my dad could get on the roads before dark. He didn't fancy getting lost in Paris and in the dark!

Boat trip sign - if you want to take a boat trip in Paris, I recommend this one!

The Eiffel Tower from the boat dock where we got on

Me and my brother Daniel

Notre Dame Cathedral from the boat

Moving away from Notre Dame

Friday, 29 April 2011

Making British History

To be quite honest I wasn't that bothered about the whole Royal Wedding as it has been in the media for ages. I also wasn't planning on watching it on TV either, probably because it started on TV at 8.30 am and I would definitely still be asleep at that time. Anyway, I did actually watch it. I woke up around 9am and then watched it in bed until the cermony began and then I watched the ceremony itself and the kiss(es) on the balcony.

Kate or should I say Catherine looked beautiful. She wore a dress by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Her dress was amazing! And, her sister Pippa Middleton also looked beautiful.

I would have loved a street party, that would have made the day more British but as I live on a main road - we would have died if we would had a street party! Ah, well never mind. I love how loads of people have went Union Flag mad and were really excited for the wedding. It was great being able to watch it on TV - at least I can say that I did watch it. In Hyde Park there were Americans, Canadians, and Austrailians who had came all the way to get a piece of the atmosphere. Wow!

The good old days. A street party in England (above and below)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Paris: Part 2

In 2009, I went to Paris with my school and we went up the Eiffel Tower - the second level. When I went last week, I went back up (to the second level again as my mam and dad didn't want to go all the way to the top!) and it was great because this time it was really sunny. (Last time the sky was a little cloudy) Anyway, after not giving up after standing nearly two hours in the queue to get the tickets we went up and here are some pictures to show you!

*All photos are my own*

This is a pretty little waterfall just outside the Eiffel Tower.

The East Pillar which we went up.

These photos below are of the view from the second level - in all directions. Some are zoomed in, some not. I'll let you know which ones! These are only about half of the ones that I took - I went overboard snapping pictures of the day I went into Paris....

Zoomed in.

Also zoomed in.

This is the Arc de Triomphe. This one is zoomed in as it was absolutely tiny and you could hardly see it from how high up I was.

Another zoomed in view.

Pretty impressed with the photo that I took above - not edited either.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Time to Smile - #141-145

Title: Time to Smile #141-145
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three! Hope you enjoy :)
(You can find the others in the tab above)

141. water fights

142. knowing and singing to well known songs

143. getting my hair just about the way I want it

144. getting good news: it's just the best!

145. when people talk using helium balloons

All photos via

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Paris: Part 1

I took loads of photos when I went to Paris last week but I'm obviously not going to post them all on here. We travelled down on Monday and got the Channel Tunnel over to Calais from Kent on Tuesday. On the Sunday we travelled back home so I spent a total five days there. Half of Tuesday was spent sorting out our cases and looking around where we were staying, two days were spent in Disneyland Paris, one day in Paris and the remainding day was spent around the site we were staying at. Here's the first lot of photos from the car travelling downwards and some of the big park at Disneyland.

*All photos are my own*

Me and Ben who's pulling quite a scary face!

Me and Daniel

 Disneyland Paris entrance

 Sleeping Beauty's castle

 Disneyland Parc entrance

 Me and my twin brothers

 Ship outside Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Pirates of the Caribbean skull!

My brothers got a photo with Mickey Mouse!!

Monday, 25 April 2011


This is just a quick little post to say that I'm back from Paris. I got back late last night and I thought I'd pop onto here today. I haven't uploaded any of my pictures of my holiday to my laptop yet but as soon as I do I'm going to post them on here. I'll be back with a proper post tomorrow!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Au Revoir For Now!

As you may have guessed, I'm off to Paris tomorrow. My many posts telling you may just have gave that away :) Well technically because we're driving down south to get the eurostar across I won't be in France until Tuesday. I can't believe how fast it has came around.

I hope my camera will be good to me and let me take some decent photos so when I get back I can post them on here. I was really excited a few weeks ago then on Saturday it just didn't really feel like I was going and I wasn't that excited but I'm looking forward to it now! I'm getting all packed today and then I'm off early tomorrow. So, i'll be back soon...

Au Revoir x

P.S. I was really excited on Thursday when I found out that I had got tickets for the sunday of Radio 1's Big Weekend in Carlisle! I just couldn't believe it when I found out that out of about 800,000 people registering all together for either the Saturday or the Sunday that I was one of the lucky 10,000 who got a ticket for the Sunday. So as I got two tickets, I'm off there in May with my friend Sarah. Ahhhh, I can't wait!! :)

The Main Stage Line Up for Sunday is:

Lady Gaga
My Chemical Romance
Bruno Mars
The Script
Taio Cruz
Katy B
Professor Green
Olly Murs
The Wombats

Plus loads of others including Two Door Cinema Club and Noah and The Whale!! :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dreaming About Interiors

I love daydreaming about travelling, the future and this evening my daydreaming came across brilliant interiors and how I would love to try interior designing at least once in my life. I think it is great how so many talented people out there can select a few colours or objects put them in a room and make it look amazing.

I found these images via this link and although there is nothing that makes these stand out, I think they look homely, romantic and cosy. All three of the images are from the same apartment and each room looks so different in terms of colours and style.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Time to Smile - #131-140

Title: Time to Smile #131-140
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three! Hope you enjoy :)
(You can find the others in the tab above)

I'm happy to say that Time to Smile is back! I missed the last two weeks of posting my Time to Smiles and this time next week I'll be in Paris so I won't be here to post. So today's Time to Smile are French themed as I'm going to Paris! Plus it's a double whammy with ten instead of five as I'm not here next week. I'm so lucky to say that is my second time that I am travelling there. Enjoy! :)

131. The Eiffel Tower

132. Croissants & French Bread

133. Classic Disney films

134. Minnie & Mickey Mouse

135. Souvenirs

136. The detail of French Architecture

137. French Streets

138. The Smell of Bakeries

139. Knowing French
(even though I have studied it for five years, I am no where near fluent or good enough to speak it confidently)

140. Waking Up In A Foreign Place