Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Time to Smile - #141-145

Title: Time to Smile #141-145
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three! Hope you enjoy :)
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141. water fights

142. knowing and singing to well known songs

143. getting my hair just about the way I want it

144. getting good news: it's just the best!

145. when people talk using helium balloons

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  1. hey (:
    hope you enjoyed paris, talking with helium balloons at my birthday was rather funny haha!

  2. :D The "Yes, I know I can't sing" picture totally made my day. Awesome blog you have here!

  3. Hollie, hahaa yeah definitely funny!

    Eeshie, thank you :)


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