Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 14 of 15 -

Day 14 - Why I am doing this challenge...

The first reason I decided to do this challenge was because I didn't have anything creative/interesting posts to write. The second reason I decided to do this is because I like being able to post daily and about totally different things that I wouldn't normally post. These challenges are a way for all of my followers to find out more about me and for me to think about things about myself, which I wouldn't normally think about it.

Ironically as soon as I began this challenge, I got loads of different ideas for posts which I could write, which were different from posts that I've done before. So I am looking forward to doing them soon. Anyway, I am glad that I have done this challenge and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. Last one tomorrow!

Which post out of the challenge has been your favourite so far?


  1. i enjoyed reading all your challenge posts, to be completely honest :D i'm too lazy to do challenges and stuff otherwise i would have considered the 15-day thing. but it's just not my thing, y'know?
    anyway, yay for ideas for new posts! ♥ i'm super excited, can't wait to read themmm.

  2. Aw, thank you :) It means the world to know people actually enjoy reading my posts! :D x

  3. Wow, hello from Hong Kong. First time stop by yr blog!! I love yr blog!! I Have followed you, do you mind follow my blog as well?

  4. First time visiting your blog! Have to say, I've enjoyed reading your 15-day challenge posts :)

  5. @Mrs Vintage - wow, thank you! I'm off to look at your blog now :)

    @Burning Skies - thank you! it means a lot to know people have enjoyed reading this challenge :)


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