Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 8 of 15 -

Day 8 - A picture of me and my family...

I don't actually have a photo of myself and all of my family. Either there are members missing or the missing member is the one taking the photo. So here is my most recent photo of me and my twin brothers in Halkidiki last June. I look a complete mess, I know, and sorry about my shiny face!


  1. You look so lovely together!I've spent almost 2 months in Halkidiki last summer,I love it there!

  2. your brothers are very, very cute! and you look so radiant :)

  3. Rania, Wow! I loved it when I went and that was only for a week :)

    Furree Katt, aww thank you :)


  4. Haha, I know - I love my little brothers :)


thank you! your lovely comments always put a smile on my face :)