Friday, 29 April 2011

Making British History

To be quite honest I wasn't that bothered about the whole Royal Wedding as it has been in the media for ages. I also wasn't planning on watching it on TV either, probably because it started on TV at 8.30 am and I would definitely still be asleep at that time. Anyway, I did actually watch it. I woke up around 9am and then watched it in bed until the cermony began and then I watched the ceremony itself and the kiss(es) on the balcony.

Kate or should I say Catherine looked beautiful. She wore a dress by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Her dress was amazing! And, her sister Pippa Middleton also looked beautiful.

I would have loved a street party, that would have made the day more British but as I live on a main road - we would have died if we would had a street party! Ah, well never mind. I love how loads of people have went Union Flag mad and were really excited for the wedding. It was great being able to watch it on TV - at least I can say that I did watch it. In Hyde Park there were Americans, Canadians, and Austrailians who had came all the way to get a piece of the atmosphere. Wow!

The good old days. A street party in England (above and below)


  1. i just saw TWO seconds of the wedding on TV! hahaha

    and hello! :D ♥ i missed reading your blog!

  2. wow! i watched it beginning at 5am here in the states! Catherine did look stunning. I never really cared about all the media hype either, it was nice to focus on a happy thing for once. And Pippa's dress absolutely took my breath away! She looked BEAUTIFUL! I am happy for Will and Kate, they seem to be really in love!

  3. Furree Katt, aww thank you :)

    Taylor, Wow - I'm not sure I could have got up at 5am to watch it haha. I agree though Pippa and Kate both looked beautiful!

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  5. Aww, the wedding was beautiful!! The media went a little crazy over here leading up to it, but everything from the ceromony to the kiss to her dress was absolutely gorgeous! Hehe, it was on at 7:30PM here, which suited me perfectly, hehe. <3

  6. Newborn Fashionista - I know she looked gorgeous!

    Meleonie, it was same over here - over the top! But it was surprisingly great :)


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