Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 12 of 15 -

Day 12 - Something I crave a lot...

(not my favourite but never mind...)

This is actually quite a hard one because I wasn't sure if I actually did crave anything so I've had to do a little thinking about this one. When I'm trying to eat healthy, I crave junk food: crisps, chocolate, sweets and it drives me insane! I'm not normally that bad with chocolate (unless it's that time of the month) or sweets, it's crisps that normally get me.

I try not to give in but sometimes I will after a week or so. If the food wasn't in the house for everyone else then I don't think it would be as bad and I would be a lot more successful in eating healthier and not eating as much crap. It's the temptation, and I've come to realise temptation is most definitely not a good thing sometimes!

However, sometimes the things I crave whether that be food or anything else will be random and just depends on the day.

Do you crave anything?

P.S. Today the weather is just gorgeous. It was nice and warm this morning with a few winds but since lunchtime it's just went really hot. I'm looking forward to taking the dog out soon as I love taking walks with her in the sunshine! And, I guess I have been craving this sunshine for a while as it just appeared today out of the blue!! :)

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