Monday, 25 April 2011


This is just a quick little post to say that I'm back from Paris. I got back late last night and I thought I'd pop onto here today. I haven't uploaded any of my pictures of my holiday to my laptop yet but as soon as I do I'm going to post them on here. I'll be back with a proper post tomorrow!


  1. that picture is AWESOME! they should put that on a T-shirt! Ooooh, T-shirt transfers! :D Welcome home! Loving the new layout xo

  2. Welcome back home! Hope your trip was fabulous! ♥

  3. mustaches=awesome :)
    I can't wait to see your pictures and hear about your trip! I've always wanted to go to Paris.....I'm actually in Rome right now, so at least I finally made it to Europe lols. but I hope you had a blast :D

  4. Tegan, I know! And thank you :)

    Meleonie, thank you - I had a great time!

    Agent 0017, thank you :) I would love to go to Rome! :)


thank you! your lovely comments always put a smile on my face :)