Sunday, 30 May 2010

Long Time No See

Eee well, its been a while since the last time I have written a blog, and to be honest that is because I havnt really had much to write about.

Well today I am taking shelter from the wind and I am trying to some revision, but am not doing to well as I seem to be distracted every time I go to do some more. From the last blog I have written, not much has happened in my world, I have sat another exam, looked at holidays for next year and planned some future things and finally I have had my last day of year ten and welcomed in year eleven by watching someone get egged.

Well thats all for now and maybe next time I write on here, it will be about something more interesting haha


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lush weather :)

So, again I have spent the day in the garden and the weather has been lush!
Ive burnt my arms again but hey who cares and apart from a certain arse with a few inappropiate comments which were quite funny in a way, its been really good! :)
And I must day ignoring someone is definately the best thing to do haha :D

The weather has been so nice Ive had time to nearly finish my book, get a tan and nearly complete all my homeowrk for the upcoming week...
History √
Textiles √ (well got the info but will finish at school)
Data Analysis √

All I need to do now is learn my french for my writing test on monday.
So now Im off to help my mam put away the ironing and then Im back off outside to enjoy a lovely family barbeque :)


Saturday, 22 May 2010

The sun has got his hat on :)

Yes the sun indeed has its hat on woop!

Spending the morning/ afternoon in the garden has left me with burnt arms but hey, its worth it if it turns into a slight tan!

Im indoors whuke the sun hides behind its clouds... and I may just do a bit of homework if I can be bothered. Then after I'm going back outside to enjoy the sun that is never here. Tonight I think I may be inclined to watch a DVD after Doctor Who (haha) as the pointless football is making BGT come on tomorrow instead.

Well I am off either to do some homework or read a bit more of Coleen ...

Enjoy the sun while it lasts as I will be,

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Eesh Theresa !

Well Ive just finished watching Hollyoaks - and cant believe it was Theresa that killed Calvin! OMG!

Now, Im watching the 2nd corrie on itv player as I missed it for the incredible Rihanna on monday night! Soon I'll watch the next corrie & then go to back to my favourite thing to do... revise for my Biology Exam tomorrow... NOT!

Well anyway I havn't really got much else to say, so Im off


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Finally! Oh, Finally!

Thank God!

I have finally finished my Science notes for the up and coming Biology Exam this friday. I have been meaning to do these notes for so long, it is such a relief that they are finally done. Woo :)

Now all I have to do is revise them and revise and wait a sec... revise even more as the Biology will lead to more and more exams I have to do in the next few weeks.

Nevertheless, in two weeks time I will be in year 11. I cant wait! I maybe the only one excited to go into year 11 as it brings me more exams but it will be my last year of strict school telling us to remove nail varnish, pull our ties up and quite frankly shut up in lessons!

Now its time to go and watch this years Soap Awards (which I love haha)
So off I go,


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Last Girl On Earth!

Amazing, Incredible, Fantastic - none of these words could describe how Rihanna was last night at the arena! Phenomenal is an understatement!!!! Wooo :)

As she sang out her best known songs, the arena went wild singing every word along with her! By the end my throat was dry (and I had two drinks) and my feet were very sore. We stood near the back in the tier but still had a really good view, two rows behind Mr. Fittie! haha

But I cnat forget to mention Miss Pixie Lott - who was very good indeed but could never outshine Rihanna! When she said her last song was Cry Me Out - we thought well wheres Mama Do, but she pleased the audience as she sang her first single with the crowd going wild.

Rihanna is the good girl gone bad and she is the last girl on earth and the atmosphere last night was absolutely incredible - words cannot describe :D

Anyway back to the present day, before I ramble more and more about how amazing she was.

Today I did the last bit of RE I will ever do ... again ! Now if that isnt cause for celebration I dont know what is? The exam lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes! and I felt like I could fall asleep any minute and my hand was aching by the end. But nevertheless its all over and done with. Finally!

So now Im going to finish todays blog and go and do some revision notes for my Science Biology exam on Friday as I am totally unprepared.


Monday, 17 May 2010

Please Dont Stop The Music... !

OMG - Its finally time to see Rihanna and Pixie Lott :) Wooo! Cant wait.

Ive sat through five hours of RE revision today and it felt like it would never end :( but thank god it did! I arrived home to a mad doggy wanting her walk and then had to come home and start to get showered and dressed! And finally Im finished ... yipeee :)

So here I am blogging and waiting for my friends to come down to mine and in exactly two house from now we will be standing and singing along to some very poor supporting acts but nevertheless Pixie Lott will be there, so Im sure they wont be that bad. then finally we will be standing in the arena, in an atmosphere you cant describe while Rihanna walks onto the satge and sings some of my favourite songs!

We really could have done with standing 'under her umbrella - ella - ella' yesterday hahaha

But for now bloggers,

Te Amo xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Very Wet

Is back from the race for life and is finally dry!

We finished the race in around 55 minutes then to be thanked with the heaviest downfall of rain ever! Me & Amie waited for my mam with one umbrella and hoods that didnt cover our heads for around 30 minutes! We were absolutely drenched! :(

After arriving home and leaving the car seat wet ha - not in that way - because we were so wet, :) I had to get a full clothes change and I mean full!

Apart from the rain messing up the rest of the day, it was really inspirational to read the back messages of the people participating in the race for life. Messages for their loved ones who had and hadnt survived and even for themselves. Everyone was really in the spirit, with people dressed up as penguins, cows and of course as a pink fairy!


Guns and Horses

Morning Bloggers :)

This will probably the only first and last time you will see me on here this early in the morning!
Well, im ready for the Race for Life at Saltwell Park and have just found my safety pins for my number and back message ... eventually.

While writing this, Im blasting out Ellie Gouldings - Guns & Horses -> I love this song! :)
Think that's it to report for now because I'm going to go and check out the weather for today on GMTV's website - I hope it doesnt rain - fingers crossed :D


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Not So Sleepy Yet ...

Well, no such luck - iplayer didnt work properly. And I got so distracted wth facebook and what not I didnt even watch 27 Dresses - eesh!

Is looking forward to the rest of the year:
- Race for life tomorrow
- Rihanna on Monday night which Im sure will be absoultely amazing!
- Leona Lewis in June
- Halkidiki, Greece at the end of June

Cant Wait!
But not forgetting the dreaded exams gradually coming closer :(
In fact got two next week ... and what feels like hundreds to follow in the next year!

Im sure it will be worth it though! However cant wait to leave school and is counting down the days until I can leave and head to sixth form! Freedom at last!

Ee well am gonna go and catch some zzz's soon haha ready to 'walk' the race for life tomorrow! Is looking forward to it & having a good all laugh with the friends!

Nighty night :) xx

Good Night :D

Eee well, watching Britains Got More Talent and then going to try and watch Doctor Who on iplayer after the shower later :) But fancy watching 27 Dresses as well so not sure yet mind!

Missed it earlier as out with the PRETTY friend (yes Hollie, talking to you! Hahaa)
Had a good walk with the furry friends :) Romeo & Jess - then had a good old chat about lad's hmm ... Hahaa. But it was a very good laugh :D

Cant believe its the Race for Life tomorrow but looking forward to it but not having to get up early because we've got to be there at ten. Oh well Im sure it will be worth it!

Night Bloggerss :)

Race For Life Tomorrow :)

Cant believe how fast May 2010 has came around!
Feels just like yesterday when I was revising for my Science exams in January!
Looking forward to tomorrow -> Race for Life!!
Ive raised around £30-40 myself but my Grandma is getting my family's sponsors fr me - so thats good :)
Cant wait for Monday night either - going to see Rihanna with Hollie & Amie. Im so excited! Im sure it will be amazing.
Well that's it for my first blog today. Better go do some revison notes for my Biology Exam next friday :(