Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lush weather :)

So, again I have spent the day in the garden and the weather has been lush!
Ive burnt my arms again but hey who cares and apart from a certain arse with a few inappropiate comments which were quite funny in a way, its been really good! :)
And I must day ignoring someone is definately the best thing to do haha :D

The weather has been so nice Ive had time to nearly finish my book, get a tan and nearly complete all my homeowrk for the upcoming week...
History √
Textiles √ (well got the info but will finish at school)
Data Analysis √

All I need to do now is learn my french for my writing test on monday.
So now Im off to help my mam put away the ironing and then Im back off outside to enjoy a lovely family barbeque :)


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