Sunday, 16 May 2010

Very Wet

Is back from the race for life and is finally dry!

We finished the race in around 55 minutes then to be thanked with the heaviest downfall of rain ever! Me & Amie waited for my mam with one umbrella and hoods that didnt cover our heads for around 30 minutes! We were absolutely drenched! :(

After arriving home and leaving the car seat wet ha - not in that way - because we were so wet, :) I had to get a full clothes change and I mean full!

Apart from the rain messing up the rest of the day, it was really inspirational to read the back messages of the people participating in the race for life. Messages for their loved ones who had and hadnt survived and even for themselves. Everyone was really in the spirit, with people dressed up as penguins, cows and of course as a pink fairy!


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