Monday, 17 May 2010

Please Dont Stop The Music... !

OMG - Its finally time to see Rihanna and Pixie Lott :) Wooo! Cant wait.

Ive sat through five hours of RE revision today and it felt like it would never end :( but thank god it did! I arrived home to a mad doggy wanting her walk and then had to come home and start to get showered and dressed! And finally Im finished ... yipeee :)

So here I am blogging and waiting for my friends to come down to mine and in exactly two house from now we will be standing and singing along to some very poor supporting acts but nevertheless Pixie Lott will be there, so Im sure they wont be that bad. then finally we will be standing in the arena, in an atmosphere you cant describe while Rihanna walks onto the satge and sings some of my favourite songs!

We really could have done with standing 'under her umbrella - ella - ella' yesterday hahaha

But for now bloggers,

Te Amo xx

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