Friday, 30 September 2011


I take back what I said about the colder weather starting! The sun has been out well and truly these last few days and apparently we're having a 'heatwave' ooo! This is going to sound quite bad but I wish it wasn't so damn warm! I was just starting to get into the hang of this cold weather, even buying my coat for the winter. I think the question on everyone's lips is why the lovely weather comes now, at the end of October when it should have been here in August? You can't win with British weather!

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to tell you all my good news. Well I think it's good anyway, I was really pleased! Remember when I told you my GCSE results? well I've had three remarks since then as my grades were obviously really close to the next one up and one of these remarks was for my History. I got an A in my history, which is obviously good but with it being my favourite subject and wanting to do it at degree level, I really really wanted to get my target of an A*. And guess what.... my history remark was successful and I've now got my A* which I'm so chuffed about :D

Saturday, 24 September 2011


1. Hello everyone! I have a good reason for being absent for nearly a week - honestly. Trust me when I say A-Levels come with a lot of work, I mean it. Every night I've had work to do hence not being able to post regulary. I'm really enjoying sixth form but not really the amount of work I've had in the first two weeks (and the work load is bound to get heavier) but the early mornings and not getting in until later.

2. It's nearly the end of September and I can feel October's weather already. The mornings are freezing and I've been trying to put off wearing my new 'winter' coat as I'll probably be wearing it until Feburary time - maybe even the beginning of March! Apparently, this winter will be worst than last years. Well if it is, god help us! It started snowing heavily in November in 2010.

3. I watched the first lot of auditions of X Factor USA auditions the other day and it was exactly the same as the UK version just with American accents! So I probably won't watch any more of them as I'm more interested in the UK version at the minute. I was really surprised that people 12 years and up could audition for the USA one. For me, I think that's far too young, yes some of the young ones had AMAZING voices but if it's anything like the UK version; media scrutiny all the time, 10+ weeks of live shows and they will get a $5 million recording contract - I think it's all way too much for a head on little shoulders to deal with.

4. I've only finally got round to downloading the full of Bruno Mars album. Yes - tut tut me! Apart from the ones he has already released, my two new favourites are 'Talking To The Moon' and 'Count On Me' Give them a listen, they are really good! And, he's doing the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Part 1 called 'It Will Rain' I can't wait to hear it and see the film!!

5. Does anyone watch Downton Abbey? I do and I'm so pleased it's back for it's second series. I think this is going to be a good one being during the second world war and all. Good things ahead I think!

6. And finally, I'm going to leave you with this lovely face :)
-i.e. the face of Cam Gigandet

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Destination Love: Greece

I have actually been to Greece before: Corfu and Halkidiki, which were two of my favourite holidays. However, I would love to visit the more 'ancient' parts of Greece. Taking Classics at A-Level has helped expand (is that the right word? :/ ) my love of Greek mythology. Recently, Greece hasn't been a top place for people to go - the fighting in the capital Athens and of course their financial problems at the moment but too be quite honest this hasn't put me off. I'm hoping that my sixth form will still do it's trip to Greece next year (for Classics) Let's hope so! I find the Greeks so friendly, I love how most of the buildings are whitewashed and I think the Agean Sea is beautiful. So these are some of the places I would love to visit:

The Acropolis and the Parthenon, Athens


The National Archaeological Museum, Athens

Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion



Temple of Apollo, Delphi


Temple of Athena Nike, Athens

And on a slightly different side, I would love to go to Malia in Crete and/or Zante!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sixth Form

So I had my first day of Sixth Form on wednesday and I have to say three days in, that I'm really enjoying it. As most of you who have read my posts regulary will know - I'm taking the following A-Levels: History, Classics, English Lit. and Psychology. At the moment Classics is my fave - one of the teachers we have is so funny! And the other teacher is lovely. The things we've been learning are so interesting and right up my street. I'm really enjoying History too and I suppose I'll probably enjoy psychology more when I get to know the people better as none of my friends are taking this subject. I've only had one english literature lesson so far but I'm not sure I'm going to love it. I suppose it's okay but I might drop it after a year unless it starts to get better - you drop one subject for the second year.

My timetable is alright and I now have free periods. Woo! Wednesday is definitely my best day as my first lesson is at 12.30pm then I have a free and then I have tutorial and then I can go home. However, it takes about 55 mins without traffic to get there and get back. I have to get up so early and I don't get in until about 5pm each night but on a tuesday, I don't get in until 6pm because I have a lesson after school time. But it's not that bad because it's classics :D

SONG THAT I LOVE RIGHT NOW: Will Young - Jealousy

Hehe, these images are great. They crack me up :) Like?

Monday, 12 September 2011


I absolutely love Jessie J's - Who's Laughing Now. She is so open about being bullied when she was younger and releasing this song is so inspirational for all those who have suffered bullying in their past or present. Many  other celebrities have been bullied when they were young; members of JLS, David Tennant, Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Megan Fox, Tyra Banks.... But they have 'made it' and this song shows that even if you are bullied you can still carry on and be whoever and whatever you want to be. It has such a good message and meaning unlike some songs that you hear.

P.S. Jessie J's album Who You Are is definitely worth a listen. I actually really like it and this song is one of my favourites along with a few others.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Friday's 'Bonding' Day

I actually lived through it and really enjoyed it! Yes I know and I'm not pulling your leg. The activites, all with our form class, included outdoor ones (I hate doing sport!) creative ones (I am not creative at all) along with many others. It's actually hard to explain because it was probably 'had to be there' kind of thing and we did loads. I was bloody knackered by the end of the day! I set my alarm for 6.40am, got the bus at 7.40am (it takes 50 mins to get to the sixth form) and then planned to get the bus back at 4.05pm but the bus was 20 minutes late and I didn't get back home until after five!!

This is the shape our bonding day took:

- Writing where we wanted to be in 10 years time

- Joining groups with people you didn't know to make balloon chairs (trust me it didn't go that well haha but was really funny)

- break

- outdoor activities consisting of standing in a circle and holding hands with everyone whilst trying to get a hoop to the next person, so you had to step in the hoop, shimmy it up your body, then get it over your head to the next person while still holding hands: we had to do it like 10 times but I was successful each time, thank god!

- dinner (well lunch but I call it dinner)

- quick little assembly

- getting photos took for our ID cards: mine looked terrible :(

- getting put into groups with people you didn't know and making two halloween outfits out of newspaper for a boy and a girl: our boy who was an Egyptian mummy won but our girl who was a really good witch totally should have won!

They were all stupid 'bonding' activities with the form class but they did make us bond. I talked to loads of new people and hopefully we'll actually be established friends in the near future :) It was really fun despite me not looking forward to it all. We start back on Tuesday and I don't know whether I'm nervous or excited - both I think! We've bonded with our form class and know people but on tuesday I probably won't know anyone in my classes as there are hundreds of new students this year :/

I'll let you know about it on the first day back if I'm not too tired to post when I come in! :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Liebster Blog

I have another award! Thank you Hazel! 'Liebster' means favourite in German, which I would never have known before but will probably remember from years to come now :D The rules for this award are to pass it to seven of my favourite blogs that have less than 100 followers. But I wanted to make this blog post a little bit longer so I thought I'd let you know five things about me:

1)  I'm a sucker for romantic stories and films.
2) I don't have a job but really need & want one!
3) I know it's not all about followers but it would mean the world to me if 100 people followed me by the end of the year. I see that as a huge achievement for myself :)
4) When I'm feeling down I listen to Mumford and Sons or 30 Seconds to Mars.
5) I can't wait until I have my own place so I can have a huge spending spree.

I'm passing this award to the following beauties:

Okay so out of all of my favourite blogs, these are the only three (apart from Hazel at Pablo's Angel who gave me the award) that have less than 100 followers. Damn! So I pass it to these three and hope they can do the one and only rule! If the rule wasn't to only give it to blogs with less than a 100 followers then I can assure you, you would all be on my list!

- Going to do my 'bonding' post tomorrow hehe so I hope you can all read it  :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011



It was finally time for my enrolment day today and me and two friends went in together as we're in the same class and also had the same time. We signed some forms and our A-Level choices were finally confirmed and we get our timetables next Tuesday. I love getting timetables - don't ask why, I'm a freak. My choices are still the same as last time, which I want to do: English Lit, Classics, History and Psychology.

We also found out today that we have a 'bonding' day on Friday, which I'm not looking that forward to. A) The early mornings and early buses will start b) these bonding days include activities such as wheelbarrow races! Not really my cup of tea, but will probably be fun even though I'm dreading making a complete fool out of myself. Then finally next Tuesday we actually start. I'm really looking forward to actually starting after have like ten weeks off!

Monday, 5 September 2011


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray 100ml

This exclusive, versatile formula with citrus and chamomile works with blow-dryer heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, blonder blonde. Visibly lightens in 3-5 uses.

Superdrug or Boots - £6.99

I've been using this lightening spray for the past four days and I have to say it really does work. I wanted a hair product that would lighten my blonde hair. As the colder weather is setting in and we didn't have that much of a summer here, I can't rely on the sun making my hair lighter - which it normally does a little bit. I didn't want to get highlights or dye it a lighter blonde because a) in case I didn't like it and b) the price.

So when I came across this lightening spray, I decided to have a go and the best thing about it is that it's gradual. So I can make sure that I don't go peroxide! It's only £7 which is really good especially because it works. All you have to do is spray it on wet hair, comb through and then blow dry as it says more heat = more lightening! Then the next morning (I normally go in the shower on a night) I straighten my hair (most of the time) because I have naturally curly/wavy hair.

I really should have done 'before and after' pictures but I didn't think about this until after I used it for the first time. Oops :/ Nevertheless, I can say that there is definitely a visible difference. My hair is a lighter and it's suitable for natural blondes or dyed blondes. You can either use it for highlights, your roots or the full hair. It doesn't make your hair look 'bleach blonde' but natural looking.

Rating - 5/5

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Youtube Videos

How great is youtube for watching things and also for re-watching things! Here's three videos that I'd like to share with you all. I do realise some of these are a little bit long but nevertheless I hope you can watch them all. Let me know what you think :)

I'm such a huge fan of Adele and I love both of her albums so much!! I don't normally watch Jonathon Ross shows but I watched his last night because Adele was on. She is so down to earth and she performed Turning Tables, which is one of my favourites off her second album, 21.

I first seen this video over at Pablo's Angel. I thought it was pretty much genius and I had to post it on here to share with my followers too. Also, after wanting to read the Harry Potter books for ages becuase I'm such a fan of the films, I'm onto the sixth one! Enjoy :)

These next two are from this series X Factor. Two of my favourite auditions of this new series. I'm sure you'll enjoy, their voices are so good! I cried along with Kelly Rowland on the second of these clips. How sweet was she and Louis Walsh?! awww...

Misha Bryan -

Jade Richards - (the one I (and some of the judges) had a little cry at