Sunday, 18 September 2011

Destination Love: Greece

I have actually been to Greece before: Corfu and Halkidiki, which were two of my favourite holidays. However, I would love to visit the more 'ancient' parts of Greece. Taking Classics at A-Level has helped expand (is that the right word? :/ ) my love of Greek mythology. Recently, Greece hasn't been a top place for people to go - the fighting in the capital Athens and of course their financial problems at the moment but too be quite honest this hasn't put me off. I'm hoping that my sixth form will still do it's trip to Greece next year (for Classics) Let's hope so! I find the Greeks so friendly, I love how most of the buildings are whitewashed and I think the Agean Sea is beautiful. So these are some of the places I would love to visit:

The Acropolis and the Parthenon, Athens


The National Archaeological Museum, Athens

Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion



Temple of Apollo, Delphi


Temple of Athena Nike, Athens

And on a slightly different side, I would love to go to Malia in Crete and/or Zante!


  1. Greece would be beautiful to explore, so many ancient ruins I wanna see!

  2. Nice photographs!!

  3. Ohh i love greece! I spent a while this summer exploring the islands (my friend owns a boat so our travel and living expenses were limited! O_O!) i'd definetly recommend it!

    Hope your sixth form classes are going well! :) xx

  4. I love Greek mythology, but where I live, Classics are never taught so it is actually quite disappointing!
    The pictures are amazing :) I really wish I could get a chance to go there :)


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