Saturday, 24 September 2011


1. Hello everyone! I have a good reason for being absent for nearly a week - honestly. Trust me when I say A-Levels come with a lot of work, I mean it. Every night I've had work to do hence not being able to post regulary. I'm really enjoying sixth form but not really the amount of work I've had in the first two weeks (and the work load is bound to get heavier) but the early mornings and not getting in until later.

2. It's nearly the end of September and I can feel October's weather already. The mornings are freezing and I've been trying to put off wearing my new 'winter' coat as I'll probably be wearing it until Feburary time - maybe even the beginning of March! Apparently, this winter will be worst than last years. Well if it is, god help us! It started snowing heavily in November in 2010.

3. I watched the first lot of auditions of X Factor USA auditions the other day and it was exactly the same as the UK version just with American accents! So I probably won't watch any more of them as I'm more interested in the UK version at the minute. I was really surprised that people 12 years and up could audition for the USA one. For me, I think that's far too young, yes some of the young ones had AMAZING voices but if it's anything like the UK version; media scrutiny all the time, 10+ weeks of live shows and they will get a $5 million recording contract - I think it's all way too much for a head on little shoulders to deal with.

4. I've only finally got round to downloading the full of Bruno Mars album. Yes - tut tut me! Apart from the ones he has already released, my two new favourites are 'Talking To The Moon' and 'Count On Me' Give them a listen, they are really good! And, he's doing the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Part 1 called 'It Will Rain' I can't wait to hear it and see the film!!

5. Does anyone watch Downton Abbey? I do and I'm so pleased it's back for it's second series. I think this is going to be a good one being during the second world war and all. Good things ahead I think!

6. And finally, I'm going to leave you with this lovely face :)
-i.e. the face of Cam Gigandet


  1. school has kept me from blogging for a while, too and that kind of sucks. haha.
    oh and hey, i saw this really badass picture of Cam. (this IS him, right?) haha. cheers!

  2. Yeah that is him! How cute is that photo?! Thanks for linking it to me :)

  3. Hi Rebecca! Just popping by to say I gave you the not-really-coveted-but-I-like-to-think-so title of "Blog of the Month". So congratulations etc.


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