Sunday, 11 September 2011

Friday's 'Bonding' Day

I actually lived through it and really enjoyed it! Yes I know and I'm not pulling your leg. The activites, all with our form class, included outdoor ones (I hate doing sport!) creative ones (I am not creative at all) along with many others. It's actually hard to explain because it was probably 'had to be there' kind of thing and we did loads. I was bloody knackered by the end of the day! I set my alarm for 6.40am, got the bus at 7.40am (it takes 50 mins to get to the sixth form) and then planned to get the bus back at 4.05pm but the bus was 20 minutes late and I didn't get back home until after five!!

This is the shape our bonding day took:

- Writing where we wanted to be in 10 years time

- Joining groups with people you didn't know to make balloon chairs (trust me it didn't go that well haha but was really funny)

- break

- outdoor activities consisting of standing in a circle and holding hands with everyone whilst trying to get a hoop to the next person, so you had to step in the hoop, shimmy it up your body, then get it over your head to the next person while still holding hands: we had to do it like 10 times but I was successful each time, thank god!

- dinner (well lunch but I call it dinner)

- quick little assembly

- getting photos took for our ID cards: mine looked terrible :(

- getting put into groups with people you didn't know and making two halloween outfits out of newspaper for a boy and a girl: our boy who was an Egyptian mummy won but our girl who was a really good witch totally should have won!

They were all stupid 'bonding' activities with the form class but they did make us bond. I talked to loads of new people and hopefully we'll actually be established friends in the near future :) It was really fun despite me not looking forward to it all. We start back on Tuesday and I don't know whether I'm nervous or excited - both I think! We've bonded with our form class and know people but on tuesday I probably won't know anyone in my classes as there are hundreds of new students this year :/

I'll let you know about it on the first day back if I'm not too tired to post when I come in! :)


  1. Aww I'm glad you had a good time! I'd have been so embarrassed doing that hula hoop shimmy lol!

  2. Sounds like a fun day- they're always kind of cringey but worth it in the long run! xx

  3. Oh sounds like a great day! Though I'd probably have embarrassed myself so badly on the hula hoop thing; I don't think I have an athletic bone in my body! At least it helped you become more comfortable with some of the new people!

  4. Hazel, haha I know - I'm not even sure how I did it! But I suppose everyone looked as silly as eachother :)

    Rachel, definitely!

    Anna, I am not athletic as well so I was dreading the 'outdoor activities' and yes I did :)


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