Friday, 30 September 2011


I take back what I said about the colder weather starting! The sun has been out well and truly these last few days and apparently we're having a 'heatwave' ooo! This is going to sound quite bad but I wish it wasn't so damn warm! I was just starting to get into the hang of this cold weather, even buying my coat for the winter. I think the question on everyone's lips is why the lovely weather comes now, at the end of October when it should have been here in August? You can't win with British weather!

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to tell you all my good news. Well I think it's good anyway, I was really pleased! Remember when I told you my GCSE results? well I've had three remarks since then as my grades were obviously really close to the next one up and one of these remarks was for my History. I got an A in my history, which is obviously good but with it being my favourite subject and wanting to do it at degree level, I really really wanted to get my target of an A*. And guess what.... my history remark was successful and I've now got my A* which I'm so chuffed about :D


  1. Yay well done on the remarking an A* is amazing! And yes I'm melting away here, could do with it being a little bit cooler.. xx

  2. yay! congratulations! :D
    over here, we're going through the rainy season and it's nice and cold. better than dry and hot, so i guess that's good. teehee.


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