Saturday, 1 October 2011

October, October

The weather is really warm again today! But the funny thing is forecasters have been predicting snow for the end of October in certain parts of the UK. Hmm... WHAT IS GOING ON? with the weather these days :/  They also say it's going to be worse than last year - and I can say that won't be so good especially having to get the buses - they will be like half an hour up to an hour late, great! And, it takes about an hour to get to my sixth form to start with. I believe THE BIG FREEZE again!

A positive I was looking forward to October was hopefully being able to have access to Pottermore. I missed the early registration and have been waiting for this month to come round so the other day I went on the website and find out that it won't be happening until the end of October beginning of November. Bummer! I'm dying to know what it's all about, if anyone has had early access - please comment below and tell me some of the secrets :)

I love when Autumn comes around - mainly due to the colours of the leaves. When you see the leaves changing to reds and oranges, blowing off and the crunching beneath your feet. I love it! I've been listening loads to Anastacia's 2004 album and Dido's - Life for Rent album. I'm such big fans and recently decided to rip my CD's and put them on my iPod. They are on constant replay. I can't wait for these to come back in the limelight. Anastacia has another album going to be released in 2012 (I think) but I'm not sure about Dido. Another point on music - I'm really looking forward to Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Florence and The Machine's new albums to be released! Anyone else a fan of these?


  1. That would be hard to think about having snow in only a few weeks! Wow. Enjoy the changing leaves. I love that too-it's great for pictures! :)

  2. I got into Pottermore. Trust me, it's not all that great once you've got ur wand and ur house.

  3. I didn't get into Pottermore either and I'm tired of waiting too! I adore Autumn, it's my favourite season and I'm dreading the snow/ice coming because I have to drive to uni and I don't wanna skid!

  4. i forgot all about pottermore!! im pretty sure i signed up, i totally don't know if i am in or not!

  5. Autumn is a lovely season, but I miss summer a lot! Summer here in Greece is like a dream, we like being near the sea and swimming all day long!!! :P I miss those moments...
    Kisses from Greece!!!


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