Friday, 7 October 2011

It Will Rain

The posts about Breaking Dawn are about to start. Yes, I am a fan - don't judge or if you want to, you know where you can go!  I am also a huge fan of Harry Potter and just for the record, there is no reason why someone can't love both. For starters, they are completely and utterly different from one another. Anyway, since that is cleared up :) remember when I told you about Bruno Mars doing the soundrack for the film, It Will Rain - well here it is!!

What do you think? I really like it, Bruno Mars has such a great voice. And, even more exciting - me and my friend have booked tickets for the opening night! I know, over a month in advance but it is possibly my favourite book out of all of them (that's quite hard to say because the 1st and 3rd book come in so close behind!) and the screens for all night are so full already. Anyone else looking forward to the release?


  1. I love it! He does have a great voice!

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  2. I love Twilight and Harry Potter too! Can't wait for Breaking Dawn :)

  3. I never got into twilight O_O! Maybe i should!! xx

  4. i never really got into the harry potter/twilight craze. i don't really like them but i don't hate them either. haha.


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