Monday, 24 October 2011

Hakuna Matata

I've never been completely sure if I've ever seen The Lion King when I was a younger. It was either, I've never seen it or I've only seen small parts of it before. After just watching the whole film about 10 minutes ago, I can say it was the latter. But how have I never seen Mufasa's death before - I've heard that it was really sad but I didn't think it would be that sad, my eyes were tear filled!

This clip is probably one of my favourites out of the whole film. Firstly, how cute is the young Simba and secondly, this is such a great philosophy. Shame I'll never be able to stick to it fully! I'm now going to try and go on a spree of watching all the Disney Classics that I've never seen before between now and Christmas. Hopefully! I've seen quite a lot of them - mainly the Princess ones but a few of the others as well! I'm ashamed to say that I've never seen Bambi or The Jungle Book all the way through! I might have seen The Jungle Book all the wa through when I was younger but I can't remember all of it now so them two are definitely near the top of my list.

- As it is half term and even though I have piles of work to do (I'm off to do two pieces for Classics after this) I'm going to try and get a couple more posts done this week. It'll be my only chance to post more than twice a week as when I go back to sixth form I'll be back down to work. Anyway, how are you all??


  1. I adore The Lion King! And I can only remember bits of Bambi and Peter Pan. I've never seen Beauty and the Beast or The Jungle Book!

  2. I never watch the part where Mufasa dies because it makes me cry every time. Haha, have you seen Peter Pan? It's my favourite Disney classic :)

  3. Hazel, Beauty and The Beast is my favourite - you should watch it! :)

    Anna, I know it was so sad! Yeah I have seen it, it's really good :)

  4. what?! haha.
    you should totally watch a lot more Disney. it pretty much made up my entire childhood. have you watched Mulan? it's one of my favorites. i can almost quote it word for word. and don't get me started on the songs. haha.

  5. I remember parts of all the disney classics...Childhood memories...

    I need to watch them again too. they teach some great lessons!

    Oh and I have been to Disney World :-P LOVED IT!

  6. Ishahime, I thought I had seen loads but obviously not that many. And, no I haven't seen that one, surprise surprise :)

    Oz, definitely childhood memories! Disney world in Florida? Oh wow, I would love to go there - I've been to Disneyland in Paris twice though :D


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