Wednesday, 7 September 2011



It was finally time for my enrolment day today and me and two friends went in together as we're in the same class and also had the same time. We signed some forms and our A-Level choices were finally confirmed and we get our timetables next Tuesday. I love getting timetables - don't ask why, I'm a freak. My choices are still the same as last time, which I want to do: English Lit, Classics, History and Psychology.

We also found out today that we have a 'bonding' day on Friday, which I'm not looking that forward to. A) The early mornings and early buses will start b) these bonding days include activities such as wheelbarrow races! Not really my cup of tea, but will probably be fun even though I'm dreading making a complete fool out of myself. Then finally next Tuesday we actually start. I'm really looking forward to actually starting after have like ten weeks off!


  1. Sounds like you're taking some interesting A Levels! good luck going back,, xx

  2. Aww you'll be grand at the "bonding" day! Just think, it'll give you something to blog about lol!

  3. you are one busy girl! psychology is always interesting, right? i am a big history nerd so i would be excited for that one :) you will do splendidly on bonding day!!

  4. Oooh, they sound like good subjects! Good luck with the bonding day! usually I hate days like those, but just think you'll get to meet some new people! :3 xx

  5. I love timetables too, they make me so happy and excited :)

  6. aha that bonding day sounds a little strange O_O! Fun though! I feel like a grandma with anything school/sixth form related it seems so long ago >_<

  7. Rachel, thank you <3

    Hazel, haha yeah it will!

    Taylor, haha thanks let's hope so :) I love history too, it's my fave subject!

    Meleonie, thanks :)

    Cricketfreak, hehe glad I'm not the only one :)

    Tilly, thank you for following!


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