Saturday, 15 May 2010

Not So Sleepy Yet ...

Well, no such luck - iplayer didnt work properly. And I got so distracted wth facebook and what not I didnt even watch 27 Dresses - eesh!

Is looking forward to the rest of the year:
- Race for life tomorrow
- Rihanna on Monday night which Im sure will be absoultely amazing!
- Leona Lewis in June
- Halkidiki, Greece at the end of June

Cant Wait!
But not forgetting the dreaded exams gradually coming closer :(
In fact got two next week ... and what feels like hundreds to follow in the next year!

Im sure it will be worth it though! However cant wait to leave school and is counting down the days until I can leave and head to sixth form! Freedom at last!

Ee well am gonna go and catch some zzz's soon haha ready to 'walk' the race for life tomorrow! Is looking forward to it & having a good all laugh with the friends!

Nighty night :) xx

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