Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Last Girl On Earth!

Amazing, Incredible, Fantastic - none of these words could describe how Rihanna was last night at the arena! Phenomenal is an understatement!!!! Wooo :)

As she sang out her best known songs, the arena went wild singing every word along with her! By the end my throat was dry (and I had two drinks) and my feet were very sore. We stood near the back in the tier but still had a really good view, two rows behind Mr. Fittie! haha

But I cnat forget to mention Miss Pixie Lott - who was very good indeed but could never outshine Rihanna! When she said her last song was Cry Me Out - we thought well wheres Mama Do, but she pleased the audience as she sang her first single with the crowd going wild.

Rihanna is the good girl gone bad and she is the last girl on earth and the atmosphere last night was absolutely incredible - words cannot describe :D

Anyway back to the present day, before I ramble more and more about how amazing she was.

Today I did the last bit of RE I will ever do ... again ! Now if that isnt cause for celebration I dont know what is? The exam lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes! and I felt like I could fall asleep any minute and my hand was aching by the end. But nevertheless its all over and done with. Finally!

So now Im going to finish todays blog and go and do some revision notes for my Science Biology exam on Friday as I am totally unprepared.


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