Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wohhh! Hold On A Sec!

Where has the time gone? On Thursday I break up for my Easter Holidays for 2 weeks & 2 Days! and I can't believe that when I get back to school it will be May. I just can't believe that these final exams have came around so fast. My first exams begin in the second or third week of May and last up until the end of June. It doesn't really help that I'm being put in for loads of resits in some module exams as I got an A but I am targetted an A*. (Science teachers, I'm talking to you!!)

Aghh, everything is coming around so quickly. So many new exams, so many resits and so many revision sessions after school to attend. Never mind all the revision I need to do at home because to be quite honest I don't know half of the stuff I need to know off by heart for my upcoming exams.

I'm writing this post now from a break on improving my Science Data Analysis coursework that I did last year in year 10 to get one more mark. I am so close to an A* overall for my Core Science GCSE so I'm trying to push myself for it. But I get the feeling that if I don't start revising now, everything will get on top of me - hence my goals for April - REVISE!


  1. Good luck with your goals! You will do great. :) I know the feeling like everything is going fast! It's so exciting that we are close to summer-I feel like that is approaching so quickly.

  2. Definitely, this year has flown over so far. And, thank you :)


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