Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday Yawns

I think everyone on a monday feels tired after going to school or work but this week is just a little bit more. Maybe it's because the school was shut all last week because of the snow and I just want to get to London. hehe. I hope it goes over really quick because I'm looking forward to the next couple of week's happenings (:

15th - 17th December: Off to London. Yeyy (:
20th December - My Sixteenth. Wooop :D
25th December - Present Time
26th December - Family get-together at my Dad's cousins

I can't believe that this is only in the next few weeks. It's all came around so fast. But the Christmas Tree is up, the first lot of December snow has fallen (and lots of it) and my Christmas shopping is completed. Pheww. So it's time for snuggling up warm, watching films in bed and getting the last week of school (with proper lessons) out of the way with. To be quite honest I'm not too bothered about it (:

P.S - one more practise and one of my to-do things on my bucket list will be done. Yippee (:

Have a great day/night wherever you are in the world haha :P


  1. Wow- London?! That sounds amazing! I hope you have a great trip!

  2. That pic is Beautiful! Have a great trip:-)

  3. Aww thanks :) It's not the first time I've been but I suppose it's only a few hours away on the train x


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