Thursday, 5 January 2012

One Song = Flooding Memories

You hear a song that might not be your favourite and you haven't listened to it for a while and then BOOM! this one song, lasting three/ four minutes brings back so many memories. This one song brings back so many good memories of one particular day last May. I've spoken about going to Radio 1's Big Weekend on 15th May 2011 but not about this song.

So the song, you're all probably wondering? Katy B - Katy B On A Mission

To be quite honest, out of the songs she has released so far this is not my first or second favourite but it brings back loads of memories from that particular day. Katy B was actually performing but we missed her because we were either watching Two Door Cinema Club or Noah and the Whale - I can't remember which one but it doesn't really matter because it's irrelevant to my point.

Whilst we were there and waiting for acts to start, there was music on to get us in the mood and Katy B On A Mission was replayed so many times - and  I mean loads! We were there for about 10 hours as well. From not liking the song that much and not really knowing any of the words, me and my friend nearly knew all of the words as we sang along after the 50th or something time it was played. Major exaggeration but ya'know what I mean.

It brings back waiting for the acts, singing along, the muddy fields and our wellies, the minging porta-loos, having chips that blew away, sore feet and breaking backs (there were no places to sit and the fields were far too muddy) and having a brilliant time. Seeing so many acts, being with my best friend was so good and something I hope to never forget.

I think it's amazing that one song can bring back so many memories. Are there any songs that bring back good or bad memories for you?

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  1. isn't music so intriguing because it has the power to resonate and connect with poignancy? i love it, too... sometimes more than others :) btw, just wanted to say i think you have an adorable blog here.

    your newest follower,

    (it's not a food, fashion/beauty, thrifting, travel, photography, books/film or any just-one-thing-blog. it's random, lacks direction - but nonetheless mirror images the pieces of me and helps document my interests and phases :) come by!)


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