Friday, 15 October 2010

Take Another Look.

Morning wake ups.

When your older and are with a new boyfriend, do you ever worry about waking up in the morning and just looking like a complete mess?! Or at the beginning of your relationship did you?

It's no surprise that people including myself, definitely myself, don't exactly look their best when they wake up. I have to say I love the shop Superdrug that sells health and beauty whatnot etc. and their new advert Take Another Look with the hilarious Joanna Page is actually pretty great. Wouldn't it be such a relief if we could do this every morning before you felt totally comfortable around your new guy.

I know you are obviously supposed to feel comfortable around them but you don't want to put them off straight away, do you? :)
And, it's nice to see him make an effort too. Take a look...

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