Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I've had a great holiday away. During the time I've been away, I've been staying at my mam's friends house in Devon and been camping in Cornwall. The weather down south was lush! It was sooo hot and I've got myself a nice little tan - especially on my lower arm = result :) Devon and Cornwall are beautiful places and here are some lovely photos to share with you all. We stayed in St. Ives in Cornwall while camping but also visited the surrounding areas - Hayle, Lands End and when in Devon we stayed in Sidmouth but went to Tipton and Perranporth along other little stops. We also walked along the Pebblebed Heaths in Devon - seriously such a lovely place!

St. Ives

My twin brothers with pirates at Lands End

Lands End

Lands End Sign

Lands End

Hayle Beach - this photo does not do it justice! It was a beautiful beach!

Pebblebed Heaths


  1. Awesome! And that Jack Sparrow lookilike was so good!

    But I have to ask... did ya eat a Cornish pasty while you were there? :D lol

  2. Oh that looks so beautiful! Land's End is definitely on my Must-See list! :D
    The pirates were awesome too :)

  3. Hazel, he really did and he actually sounded like him too which was pretty amazing! Haha, yeah I did but I still prefer Greggs pasties (not sure if you get them in NI ?) :)

    Anna, there was so much more there than I expected there to be. The views were beautiful!

  4. I've been to Land's End! It's a really pretty place :)

  5. So pretty! Glad you had such gorgeous weather, it's rained for the last few days here ;_; xx

  6. Pebblebed Heaths is beautiful :]

  7. Beeeauuuutiful! ohmygoodness im jealous! looks like an awesome place to vacation and I'm sure you had so much fun :)

  8. Cricketfreak, I was shocked at how beautiful the views were!

    Rachel, ah bummer - I'm so pleased it wasn't raining all the time when I was camping :/

    Ifra, the views were amazing!

    Agent 0017/shay, it's such a great place to visit. And, thank you :)


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