Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I Haven't Disappeared... I Promise

I have no idea what to post about these days! Not a lot has been going lately, just been to the pictures, got a new bag and things for sixth form. My enrollment day is next week and then we begin the following week. Looking forward to it but I'll be bricking it the day before! - Everything is going to be brand new but they say change is good, right? I'm glad I'm not going back to secondary school anyway. I still must go shopping for some new clothes for sixth form as I'll run out things to wear after a few days. Aghh :/ September tomorrow too - wtf!?! We haven't had much of a summer and now it's literally over but I suppose I couldn't expect anything more from the Great British Weather, especially up north! But Gossip Girl is back later in the month and a new Cosmo needs to be bought so all is good still :)

P.S. Sorry my posts have been all over the place recently :/

P.P.S. I'm really pleased Beyonce is pregnant and she did in a great way. I'm sure she'll make a lovely mother and I think it was perfect timing :)


  1. I loved the way Beyonce announced her pregnancy - it was somehow very classy and epic lol

    And good luck with 6th form - it will be a doddle to ya! I'm bricking it about starting uni though!

  2. Aww! Don't worry! Everyone goes through blogger's block! I'm sure you'll be inspired sometime soon, and even if you're not, it's always nice to hear about your life and what you've been doing lately. :) Oooh, good luck with sixth form! yes, I'm happy for B too! :)

  3. definitely the perfect timing for beyonce and jay-z. i think they've accomplished so much in their respective careers that they'd have enough time to focus on their child. ;)

    and yay for gossip girl coming back this month. along with other of my favorite shows. :)

    <3, Mimi

  4. be sure to make the most of this school year! :)

  5. Good luck lovely, i'm sure you'll do great! x hivenn


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