Monday, 7 November 2011

November & A Little Update

Hi everyone, I feel like I have been neglecting this blog so much recently! I was supposed to do a post  few days ago but I completely forgot - sorry! I have so many of my favourite blogs to catch up on too! It's November, wow. Today was bloody freezing, Jack Frost was out in force this morning whilst I was waiting for the bus at 7.15 am. Things I'm looking forward to this month:

- Countdown to Christmas starts!
- Breaking Dawn Part 1 on the 18th!
- To download Florence and the Machine's new album!
- Christmas shopping starting!
- Wrapping up warm!
- Hot chocolate and films in bed!

On Thursday, my old school (before sixth form) is holding an award ceremony for our year. I think we get our certificates for our GCSE's but I'm not totally sure but also some people have been selected for specific awards for certain subjects. I'm getting one for history, which I'm proper chuffed about as that is my favourite subject and the only one I woud be bothered about getting! I'll give you an update about what happens asap.

How are you all?


  1. Thank you! I had no idea Florence and the Machine has a new album coming out! I love them!

    Anywho, Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and it is lovely! Can't wait to read more.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. hot chocolate and films in bed. ♥

  3. Lost & Found, thank you <3 I'll check your blog out now :)

    Ishashime, the best <3

  4. Thank you for posting my photograph, Lightly Frosted, above. Here's a link to the image:

    Rona Black


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