Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Films

I love going to the cinema with my friends and catching a film, quite a lot really. I even love watching the trailers! These are some films that are coming out in May that I want to see. If I don't catch some of them at the cinema, i'll definitely watch them when they come out because unfortunately I don't have a money tree growing in my back garden. What you think?

Water For Elephants

I love a good old romantic film and this one looks so sweet. I love Reese Witherspoon. I was watching Just Like Heaven the other night, which i haven't seen in ages - great film! And, I love elephants too! As I love reading, I'm definitely going to read the book sometime.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides

I think it's a shame that Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom aren't in this film. Elizabeth, Jack and Will were the perfect team for tackling Davy Jones and any others in their way. But I'm glad Johnny Depp is back as Captain Jack. Nobody could suit this role better than him. I'm looking forward to see how Penelope Cruz's character is going to fit in there. I love these films - A pirate's life for me!

The Hangover Part II

I'm curious to see if this one can live up to the first one as that one was just so brilliant and hilarious. I don't think it'll match but I still think it will be funny. I think it could be going along the same lines as part 1. Anyway, it looks like a laugh and if I don't see it at the cinema, I'll definitely get it on DVD or watch it online. Bradley Cooper - yes please! :)


  1. It sucks that movies are so expensive, I've got a voucher, so I DEFINETLY am gonna go and see Water For Elephants, it seems lovely! Just Like Heaven is an awesome film! :) <3

  2. OMG there's a 4th Pirates of the Carribean!? xo

  3. Meleonie, I know. I can't wait to see it! :)

    Tegan, Yes! I can't wait for that either :)

  4. my cousin told me she went to see water for elephants and it was as "chick-flicky" as she thought it was going to be! just a little warning. i'm excited for the next pirates too! :)

  5. Ah good, I think it looks really good! And, me too! :)


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