Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Want A Love Letter

To think of how time has changed over the past few decades, it's unbelievable. Where has the time gone when people sent love letters not quick emails or texts full of text speak, for example - i luv u bbz! Now please tell me how romantic that is in your eyes because it's not in mine. To start with I am not a fan of text speak.
I don't have a boyfriend so maybe I don't have a leg to stand on but when I do I don't want crappy affections of love - I want romance and well thought about affection. I'm not against texts but I want one more along the lines of - I love you xx.

When you see films where guys sweep girls off their feet, they seem to have gone and guys try to pick girls up with cheesy chat up lines while out getting drunk in a club. Where are the times when sex was a taboo word? Now people are so open about their sex lives. There are so many different 'labels' out there for so many people when there shouldn't be. One time there was just gay, straight and bisexual. Now there are hundreds of names that people just make up.

It just seems that I'm a girl who still wants to have a romantic twist to a relationship when I'm older. Little love notes left around the house, odd gifts - not even expensive ones but ones which have a meaning. It could be something worth fifty pence but it would be something that would have had a lot of thought put it into it or would mean something to us.

So, listen up guys! Maybe girls have now stopped believing in fairy tale endings where Prince Charming comes along but there is still room for romantic deeds to show the girl you're with that you love her. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. 


  1. AMEN! Its really kinda pathetic what the standard of 'romance' is these days! I know this sounds really prude-ish but I really do hate the fact that people are so open about their sex lives, I mean - come on! S: I completely agree! Aww, the idea of little love notes and gifts is just adorable! *sigh* Let's hope guys begin to step up!

  2. I'm really happy someone my age agrees with me. Let's hope they do step up! xx

  3. I absolutely love that image quote! I completely agree! I honestly would rather be single than follow the "norm" of romance these days. Actions really do speak louder than words in this case. Let's hope there are guys like that out there that treat us like princesses, even if they aren't Prince Charming.

  4. I totally agree with you! I once heard an old man I respect very much talking about how he always gave notes to his wife: cute, romantic, cheesy, and funny ones. After she died he found the hundreds of notes tucked away in a box. I want to be like that couple.

  5. I agree with you.Old times were better.Profanity has overridden romance these days.

  6. Anna, I love that image quote too and thought it perfect for this post. I really hope there are guys out there like that too!

    Katie, that is so sweet. I want to be like that couple too :)

    Hamza, I'm glad you agree and especially because you're a boy :)

  7. I feel exactly the same way. I hate text speak and thankfully so does my boyfriend. For some reason, text speak makes any sentiment sound ridiculous. It ruins it. I also adore the sweet little gestures, they really do mean so much. I really hope you find your Prince Charming someday!

  8. There are still guys out there that want to treat their special someone like a princess, they're just becoming rare.

    I asked my ex-girlfriend out while we walked along a river and every month on that day we had special messages we made for each other. You're right, the little things were most appreciated and the things I remember the most.

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