Monday, 16 May 2011

My Weekend Was Such A Great One!

Hello everyone. Hope your Monday was good, mine was very very tiring! I'll explain in a mo. I've had such a good weekend. It was very busy but very worth it!

On Saturday, I finally got my prom dress! I was so pleased because after my friends got their dresses one/two weeks ago, I think I was the only one left in the year who didn't have one yet. Mine's from Coast and this is it below. This isn't the best picture but what do you think? :)

I've spotted the shoes I want to get and then I just have to accessorize with a clutch, jewellery and decide how to wear my hair. I'm wearing it down but that's all I know so far. It's not 'till the end of June so I have plenty of time, right?

On Sunday, it was time for RADIO 1's BIG WEEKEND!!! I was really excited and even though it was raining in Carlisle we didn't get that wet as we went in the Main Stage (which was a HUGE tent) as soon as we got in. This is who I was able to see with my friend: (and I'm not just saying this but they were all amazing!)

- Bruno Mars
- The Wombats
- Polarsets
- Two Door Cinema Club
- Masters in France
- The Script
- Noah and The Whale
- My Chemical Romance
- Lady Gaga

I seen snippets of Taio Cruz and Katy B when we walking to different tents or off to get food or listen to the Outdoor Stage. Lady GaGa was twenty minutes late and arrived in a coffin, which took her ages and ages to get out. But she was really, really good!

The Script - number 1 fan right here!

We left Carlisle at 10.55 and it took an hour and half to get out of Carlisle Airport and then an hour to get home instead of an hour and a half as the roads were obviously empty at this time. I got home at half one, went to bed at twenty to two and then woke up at ten to seven. As you can imagine I was very tired when I got up for school. And, then to top it all off I had two exams today - an English exam for an hour and three quarters and then a French exam in the afternoon, which lasted around an hour.


  1. OOOH, great dress! I can't wait for my formal this year! I think I'm the only person in my year level that is actually LOOKING for a dress (our prom/formal is only in November, haha!) TDCC and Bruno Mars would've been awesome! x

  2. Vero, thank you! :)

    Meleonie, haha I'm sure you'll find one. They were amazing!

  3. I'm so jealous that you got to go to Big Weekend!! Hopefully next year it will come near me :)


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