Tuesday, 15 June 2010


When I was younger I didn't want to be a nurse, air hostess or police woman! I always wanted to be a teacher. I even played 'pretendy teachers' with my own black board and white board. Making registers, worksheets and quite frankly... talking to an empty room!

But its strange to look back on that now and think how you expressed your imagination when you were younger. Now, theres magazines, journalism, images, writing etc. etc. to express people's imagination but back then all you had was yourself and your 'pretend class!'

Anyway, I went from wanting to be a teacher when I was younger to being a police woman as my dad is in the police, even wanting to have a go at interior designing, being a social worker and then finally wanting to become a primary teacher again.
And for the last year or so that is what I have wanted to become after sixth form and university.

After walking my dog with one of my younger twin brothers earlier this evening, it has made me want to do it even more! He's only in year one and is coming up six at the end of the month but by asking him questions about what he has done at school today and what subjects he learns and the topics he is studying now etc etc, I think it's pretty amazing how from the beginning of the year he could hardly read - my other twin brother inlcluded - and now they can get throught the little books which the school provides.

So, after sharing a few of my future plans - I'm going to come back to present day and go back to an evening of no-revising and blasting out my music :)

So just after I'm leaving-
It looks like I'm going back to school!

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