Thursday, 24 June 2010

Singing the night away....

So, tonight I'm off to the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle to see Leona Lewis!
I can't believe how fast June has come around this year; my last exam was today and I am going on holiday next monday! Woo.

I must agree with my friends when they say that Leona sometimes can lack personality but that is just because she is shy. But to be quite honest, I am not going to stand in the tier to hear her speak; I am there to hear her sing. Without doubt, she has an absolutely amazing voice and I love both her albums: Spirit and Echo.

With a bit of 'Bleeding Love', 'Forgive Me', 'Happy', 'I Got You' and 'Love Letter'. Not forgetting her cover of the amazing 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' I am sure to have a great night. Not like other Thursday nights I must add.

Hope you also enjoy your night, bloggers (:

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