Sunday, 20 June 2010

'Jolly Hols' ...

o a week tomorrow, I'm off on my jolly hols! to Halkidiki in Greece :) And  can't wait!
Not only I am off to enjoy the sunshine which is guaranteed - not like here, where its sunny one day and pouring down the next - but I'm missing a week off school.

After so many exams this is the break that I need. So, here I am listening to Diana Vickers - Songs From A Tainted Cherry Tree album and just thinking about lying on the beach where the sand is so hot - you can't walk on it! Not forgetting that the hotel has its own beach :)

                                              Sani Beach Hotel & Spa

Yesterday, I finished buying the rest of my holiday clothes and bought some new make-up and got my hair trimmed! And to be quite honest, I can't wait to fly away... eventually.

... and I just LOVE taking off on the aeroplane. Whilst my dad and grandma are terrified of flying, I have to say that I am not and must have got that from my mam. As my dad will rest his head on the seat infront of him with headphones on, I will most likely definately be reading. I am happy to say that I am a BOOKWORM - through and through. I can't think of anything better than getting stuck into a 'good-old' book or new whether that's with the Greek sun shining down on me or whether I am lying in bed on a night. Give me a book anyday and I will happily read it.

To finish off, I must also add that I cannot wait for Thursday because not will my last exam be over until later on this year, but I am going to see Leona Lewis on the night time with my mam. At first I wasn't as excited as going to see Rihanna last month but with it only being four days away, I am looking forward to it! A chance to dress up, sing along to some amazing and moving songs and have a little dance ... what more could you ask for!
So, for now fellow Bloggers...

αντίο x

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