Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Following on from...

Following on from previous blogs by my two friends - who I think are getting a little soppy in their old age hahaa - only joking :P

Well anyway... girls ask the questions & the guys answer.
I was on a website the other day and came across the question 'what do guys think are the most important features in a girl?' i.e. height, weuight, personality etc etc.
And as I predicted the answers came as personality, self respect, having a sense of humour and things like that with these particular boys saying that height, weight, eye colour were not important.

In my opinion.. what a load of crap. There is no way that guys would not be put off by appearence first i.e. if someone looks a complete 'minger!'. Yes, although personality is important, the crucial feature is definately looks. No man is going to be in a relationship with a girl that has greasy hair, has a top on that hardly fits with trackies, and well frankly looks like a total and utter mess! Now are they?

So as my friends have mentioned in their blogs that guys do judge you be what you look like even though they say that personality is the key! Yeah, whatever as Im sure there are plenty of girls out there that wonder why a guy does not fancy them even though they have a great personality and sense of humour.

Have they never heard of the saying:

'Never judge a book by its cover?!'

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