Saturday, 5 June 2010

My Top Three

So probably as most people in Britain - I am watching the Britain's Got Talent Final (:
And I think this year it definately has been the best series for variety and just pure talent.

Tonight, I would like to see Twist & Pulse, Paul Burling & Spelbound in the top three because they are just well brilliant! Twist & Pulse have totally unique dancing and add humour to their act. Paul Burling was totally on the spot with his impressions and was hilarious.

However I think Spelbound deserve the top spot tonight recieving the BGT Winners Title & £100,000 including a spot on the Royal Variety Performance (even though hardly no one watches it)

Spelbound are just truly fantastic. They are so strong with one member flying over Amandas head! So tonight I think Spelbound should win!

This blog is quite random and to be a little bit cheesy - it shows Britain really does have talent! haha

Well, Im off now to watch the brilliant James Corden (who I love :)- ) & Dizee Rascal perform the new world cup song & hopefully see Spelbound be crowned tonight's winners! :)


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  1. I was so glad they won :) thanks for following my blog, yours is lovely! x


thank you! your lovely comments always put a smile on my face :)