Friday, 5 November 2010

Baby, your a firework!

Okay so I am in love with Katy Perry's new album and new single 'Firework' and tonight was obviously Bonfire Night which meant firework displays - which I love going to! So tonight was pretty good as at the firework display, Katy Perry's song was one of the songs played during the massive bonfire.

 (this bonfire is tiny in comparison to the one that was there!)

The fireworks were pretty impressive, the colours were really pretty and very loud. But the louder the better! I have to say I love more or less all kinds and the finale was of huge fireworks that came down as a sort of waterfalls towards the crowds and crowds of people. There were thousands there! And, as an added bonus it was not even that cold which is very surprising at this time of year for where I live.

I had a really good night and found it actually quite relaxing, gazing up at the sky watching the colours burst and explode above me.

Did you do anything this Bonfire Night? - visit a bonfire, firework display or just stay at home watching them from your window?


  1. hahaa becca - very cheesy i have to say!! :P
    good though.


  2. Cheesy? I was stating the truth :) Did you decide to stay in then? x

  3. Bonefire night? That's SO COOL! :D Hahah, I love bonfires! And Katy Perry, of course! :D


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