Thursday, 25 November 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

So as expected by everyone in the North East, the snow has begun to fall this year - and early! It began yesterday morning with a thin covering and by last night it started coming down fast. And, when I woke up this morning at seven am and looked out of my window, there was a blanket of snow covering the street, the road, the cars, the houses and soon... me when I would have to leave my warm house for the freezing bus stop.

By quarter past eight this morning, the snow had stopped falling but pulling on my ankle boots, my coat, scarf and gloves I left for the bus stop - over the road. Our bus - the Scholars - is supposed to come at 20 past but as usual it was late, however much later than usual - as expected! After freezing at the bus stop until ten past nine! with a few people from my year and my friend, a bus turned up going in the
direction we needed.

Let's just say it was a very cold morning. The only good thing was lessons were postponed to 10.30 not the usual 9.00 because the school was seeing how many people were in and waiting for teachers to turn up.

Anyway when I came back home, the snow began to fall again and as the rest of our school are hoping - it will carry on and hopefully start to freeze, meaning a day off school therefore a long weekend! Wooo. Lets hope so.

According to the weather forecast this morning it is the earliest snow that has fallen in the UK since 17 years ago! Gosh! And this weather is expected to last another ten days. If that means more days off school I don't actually mind :)
Snowy weather calls for a nice warm blanket, the fire on, a good DVD and a lovely hot chocolate. Yummm....

I hope we have a white christmas this year!


  1. awwww,
    thats a really sweet last picture; who comes up with these?!


  2. I know :) and I just find them off various tumblrs x


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