Tuesday, 23 November 2010

An Update Of My Life...

Hey everyone - hope your having a great week so far! My week has been pretty good so far, nothing major has happened to make me remember and talk about those days for months to come but me and my friends have laughed, I've got on with homework, read some more, watched the TV, listened to music etc. etc. - so nothing too exciting - just ordinary.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone! - Next Wednesday is the 1st of December :o I am actually shocked. Everything has went over so fast, or is that just me? The boring hours of lessons at school have turned into long days of just another week, of just another month. It will be snowing before long, especially with how cold it is getting. Five things that I can actually remember and have loved this year so far and ones that are coming up....

01. Rihanna + Leona Lewis in Concert!

02. Halkidi, Greece in June

03. Down South with the family

04. London in December with the friends :)

05. My Sixteenth

I've done loads of things this year been away to Bamburgh, Windsor, London and Greece as mentioned above and had a pretty good year so far. Have you got any events that you remember?

Anyway back to the present... the weather is wet, dull and dreary but that is Newcastle for you I suppose - especially at this time of the year and for where I live. But Christmas, London and my birthday is around the corner - literally:

- 15th - 17th December: London
- 20th: My Sixteenth Birthday
- 25th: Christmas
- 31st: New Year's Eve :)

I am actually really excited for London already - woo! Five things that I am loving at the minute:

01. Snuggling in bed with my book or watching a DVD

02. My lovely little dog Jess

03. Literally just being snuggled up with warm layers of clothing

04. Listening to Alicia Keys + Jennifer Hudson - their voices are amazing

05. The amazing Rebecca Ferguson from the X Factor - her voice is stunning
- please listen to these and I am sure you will agree she is incredible:

Versions of :

And to finish, a quote that I found and loved:

'When I grow up and my daughter asks me who my first love was I don't want to take out the photo albums, I just want to point across the room and say there he is.'

- Me to the love of my life

As much as I would love for this to happen, I don't think it will and I don't think I want it to because I think you need to experience the make-ups and break-ups of different relationships even though it may be unpleasant. It makes you stronger after all. Nonetheless, I love the sweetness of the quote.

Hope you have had a lovely day (:

P.S . I forgot to mention, my twitter is not working if anyone has started following or if you just look at my tweets on my blogger. When I sign in the pages are blank and the toolbar says 'Error' and I can't view it - if you have any ideas how I can fix it please let me know. Thanks :)

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