Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mr. Snow - How I Thank You...

Since last week it has been non-stop snow where I live and it's definitely getting me in a more christmasy mood. This is the second day off this week and heavy snow is forecast tomorrow. Another day off tomorrow? Fingers crossed.
Yesterday my twin brothers primary school was off too so off I went with my mam (who had to take the day off as she couldn't get to work), Ben, Daniel and Jess to the field - ready for a good-old snowball fight! I would like to say I won but both of my brothers mangaged to hit me in the side of the head and once down my coat leaving me absolutely freezing. haha. What did they get in return? Snow in their face of course.

(The Angel of North, Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

As my mam and dad were able to get to work today because the roads are clearer, I'm babysitting looking after my six year old brothers. And - another snowball fight with the dog running mad on the field is on the cards.
I would say it is definitely better to have younger siblings - especially in the winter as you have a good reason for running mad on the field covered in snow!
Then we'll come back, put the fire on and watch a film :)

Anyway I'm off now to tidy away late breakfast dishes. What's the weather like where you live?


  1. Great image! I love Mr. Snow too. I feel like there is a song by that title from a musical named, Carousel!

    Yes, I cannot wait to get some snow where I am! Then I will somehow delve even further in the Christmasy mood!


    Best wishes,


  2. Thank you - you can have some of ours, there is a quite a lot here. As I type this it is snowing heavily outside! Only good thing is it means days off school! :) x


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