Thursday, 11 November 2010

Time to Remember ♥

Remembrance Day

I hope everyone had the chance today to contribute to the 2 minute silence at eleven this morning. At our school we stood outside (in the freezing cold and wind) to remember all of those who fought in WW1 and those who are still fighting today for our country. As 'The Last Post' was played by the music teacher at our school, our silence of remembering began.


  1. thats a lovely picture :)
    yes it was bloomin' freezing!! and i was stood in a puddle - ah :/ xx

  2. Ee I know and thanks - I think the picture's really pretty too :) xx

  3. Ahh, we didn't stand outside, we usually do that on ANZAC day though, I was in the middle of home ec, when we did the 2 minute silence. That's a beautiful picture! xo
    btw, I've given you an award:


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