Monday, 3 January 2011

Last time I posted, it was last year!

It feels really weird to say that even though my last post was on New Year's day, four days ago but it was last year! Wooo - in fact I like saying that hehe. Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and Day, I suppose mine was okay I don't really do that much. New Year's Day was seen in at 12 while watching the countdown in London on the TV and gulping our last mouthfulls of champagne - mmm. And, New Year's Day means taking the Christmas tree and decorations down and taking the dog on a walk. Sounds fun doesn't it? Not haha.

Yesterday I went to see Love & Other Drugs and I really liked it. It was sweet, funny and well very raunchy. I'm sure if you've seen it/ going to see it you will know/ find out! Tomorrow i'm back to school so I have the 'back to school blues'. I can't really be bothered if I'm honest but least I can say this will be the last January I'll be at that school. Aghh. That sounds pretty weird because I'll be starting the nest chapter of my life in September at sixth form. I'm looking forward to it.

Me and a friend were texting a couple of days back and we were talking about how this is going to be a big year for us. For starters:
- It's our last five/six months at school
- Our GSCE's will be over
- One of my friends: Hollie is moving to Australia
- Starting sixth form
- I'll be seventeen!, now that sounds really weird
- I'll have my first driving lesson on my birthday if the weather is okay - now that is scary!!! (I'll probably crash the car!)

( X Factor Contestants)

We're also going to see the X Factor Tour in March which I'm sure will be great! So good things are definitely are on the horizon this year. Yes! I'm also going to try and stick with twitter haha so if you want to follow me it's @iRebecca_A but there is also a button link at the side somewhere (:

Now I have to get the last off my homework finished - eughh chemistry haha. But before I go, I promise to finally get round to the 'about me' page which has been empty for ages - sorry about that - also I think that my Time to Smile posts may be coming to an end once they reach 100, because I'm running out of things that make me smile haha. Maybe I will keep on doing it but with less each week maybe 3 maybe just 1. I'm going to wait and see.

On the topic of other posts I could do: If any of you have any ideas on weekly posts that I could do or just a one off post about myself or my view on something. Just let me know: twitter, email or leave a comment on any of my posts. Thanks (:

Have a great day!

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