Saturday, 29 January 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen - A band/ artist that has got you through some tough ass days (letter)

Dear Rihanna & Adele,

You are both totally different artists but I feel I can relate to parts of some of your songs and others which are happy and upbeat gets me through bad days and makes me feel better. At the moment you are both two of my favourite artists.

Rihanna's Loud album is one of my favourites at the minute, she is such an amazing singer. Her songs are definitely more upbeat than Adele's which make you feel much more happier - yey! :) Adele's songs are much slower but they are the types of songs, you can just lie on your bed and listen to the lyrics.

The songs by these artists are absolutely worth a listen. I'm guessing most people know of Rihanna's songs and like them too but Adele may be more English based (I'm not sure :/ - let me know) and less listened to. I've just downloaded her new album '21' and have not listened to all of the songs yet but her first album '19' is brilliant!

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