Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Time to Smile - #96-100

Title: Time to Smile #96-100
Weekly Post Day: Wednesday
Details: This is my weekly wednesday post which will feature five things each week which I love, make me happy or make me smile. Mostly all three!
Hope you enjoy :)
(You can find the others in the tab above)

96. being good at certain things

97. popcorn

98. getting awards off followers (thanks SmileLikeWoe!)

99. the smell of candles mmmmm....

100. finally getting to 100 time to smiles! yey :)


  1. Yay, I'm in there :) that makes me in a way, you're spreading the smiles too. And congrats on getting to a hundred. That's quite an achievement.

  2. Hehe thanks :) glad I'm spreading the smiles x

  3. Mmmm, candles are lovely! Especially vanilla! Hih! Congratulations on having 100! I love reading these posts, they're great! x

  4. i was just reading your bucket list and we have several goals in common!
    and on this post, #100 is my favorite! :)

  5. Ah good, I thought that about your bio too :) Thanks for the comment x


thank you! your lovely comments always put a smile on my face :)