Sunday, 9 January 2011

Not Again!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently - I would love to say it's because i've been busy busy busy without a moment to think but I can't because I haven't. I'm supposed to be busy with revision aas I have a lot of exams starting to peak their horrible heads around the corner but to be quite honest I'm not sure what I've been doing as I haven't even opened up my revision guides! So today I must must must start some and I'm going to make sure that I at least do some Chemistry and History plus I might catch up on my tele programmes from last Friday.

So as I look out of my window I see snow on the ground - hence my post title today. I do love snow but by now I must say I'm pretty sick of it. It started where I live last November ans started to properly leave at the end of December but now its back! In January snow no longer means: time off school, near to Christmas and ooo its snowing lets go and have a snowball fight! It now means: trying to dodge snowballs at school, nothing to look really forward to (no Xmas) and the horrible slush stuff after the snow has melted! :( I just want summer to start!

I'm hopefully going to be posting a few more times this week but my exams begin this week so maybe I won't. But definitely after the end of January - I will be back regulary with hopefully a new feature. I've realised I've been neglecting my I would love posts so I hope to be posting some more of them but with a little difference. And, finally I would like to thank my new followers! - I'm glad to have reached into the thirties, that may not seem many but it means loads to me! So thank you and keep on commenting because I love when you guys do :) x


  1. Hey there, *waves awkwardly* I'm one of the new followers I guess, but in all honesty - there's just a real appeal to me in the way you write. :)
    And ooooh snow! xD I guess when you've never seen snow in your life and live in a country that has two major seasons: Summer/Monsoon, snow sounds really exotic! Haha. Wanna exchange weather? It's slightly cool here with the sun shining brighter than ever!

  2. Thank you and yes you are one of my new followers. A wave to you too! I have to say I would love some more sunshine over here! - You can have some of our snow though :D x

  3. Oh, and I just awarded you one of the more stylish bloggers imo. So please go over to my blog and collect the goodieees. :)

  4. Ah, thank you so much. It means loads when people comment but also give me awards for my blog. :) x


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